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Getting the best from your office

Häfele offers its customers a range of office furniture fittings from well-know manufactures with excellent functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. For a long time, office organisation systems have been an important element of the Häfele furniture fitting technology.

A complete package rather than individual solutions
Officys is the Häfele service brand for a comprehensive range of modern office equip - ment from a single source. This includes the considerable expertise of subsidiary Schneider, with powerful product brands such as Variant, Idea and Ellipta, and Häfele’s extensive product range and comprehensive service. Be it advice, procurement, support, logistics or quality - all aspects and requirements coming from industry, project equippers and building trade can be fulfilled.In other words: Thanks to Officys we can provide everything from a single source – making your office furniture more cost-effective and improving quality. And therefore increasingcustomer satisfaction.

Officys, for achieving the best possible results:
• By providing competent advice – from requirement analysis to finished product
• By providing the best selection of suitable system solutions – from a single source
• By providing rapid assistance during everyday work, with CAD data andconstruction drawings
• By means of professional tender documents
• By making significant time savings with pre-assembled pedestal sets
• By having a comprehensive, supplementary range of office furniture products
• By providing you with a contact for office furniture equipment

Drawer Systems
- Variant CE
- ระบบลิ้นชัก Variant CE

- Moovit drawer system
- ระบบลิ้นชัก Moovit

- Variant SE
- ระบบลิ้นชัก Variant SE

- Variant SE/SV
- ระบบลิ้นชัก Variant SE/SV

- Variant D
- ชุดลิ้นชักสำหรับทันตกรรม Variant D

Table System
- RTG Complete set
- อุปกรณ์ครบชุด RTG

- IDEA Table base system
- ระบบฐานโต๊ะ IDEA

- IDEA + Motion Complete set
- อุปกรณ์ครบชุด IDEA + Motion

- Lift column
- เสาปรับระดับ

- Control and operation unit
- ชุดควบคุมการทำงาน สำหรับลิฟท์

- Cable channel
- ช่องสำหรับสายไฟ

- Table connector
- ตัวต่อโต๊ะ

- Power-Fit Power outlet box
- อุปกรณ์ต่อปลั๊กเสียบ Power-Fit

Office Organization
- ELLIPTA Swivel arm
- แขนหมุน ELLIPTA

- Cable outlet
- รูร้อยสายไฟ

- Cable duct, two-piece, oval
- ช่องสายไฟ 2 ชิ้น แบบรี

- Paper guide
- ช่องสอดกระดาษ

- Shelf extension for keyboards
- ถาดวางคีย์บอร์ด



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