Blanco - Sinks, Taps and accessories made in Germany

Häfele in new imported collection of built-in sinks “Blanco by Häfele” 2 Designs for 2 tastes - luxury stainless steel and modern granite

Häfele (Thailand) Ltd.,the distribution leader of architectural hardware, furniture fittings, kitchen & bathroom fittings, home appliances and electronic locks with German technology standards, is proud to launch new kitchen sinks from “Blanco by Häfele” with 2 great designs for 2 different tastes. The “Blanco Flow” sink is made of stainless steel, has a rectangular shape and a deep square basin. The food filter of size 3 1/2” and a stain system to connect with drain are included. This special model is installed even with the kitchen counter top and with its material designed for great water run to prevent water splashing out of the sink. The “Blanco Flow” sink gives your kitchen a clean and luxury design.

The second model “Blanco Yova”sink is made of granite which is an extremely heat and shock resistant material. The sink has a rectangular shape with a deep square basin and is surrounded by a bulged edge. To make the sink complete and more convenient add the chopping board. This sink is available in 8 earth tone colours: charcoal, alumetallic, white, jasmine, champagne, sand, truffle and coffee. The “Blanco Yova”sink gives your kitchen a modern and stylish design.

Blanco sink made in Germany

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