Häfele becoming Strong by Trendsetter

Many people may regard creativity is the creative thinking that transferred to the tangible novelty and beauty. But for Häfele, creativity is the powerful weapon used in marketing encompasses functionality and technology as well as design of each product displayed in Häfele studio.

Ms. Marivic Hellstern, CRM Manager, additionally clarified “Häfele is a trading company, so the creative shall exist in all works. Starting from product selection, it shall consider which brand and how it responds to market in Thailand. Of course, what we need to focus on is the product quality, functionality, and technology. The key is the beautiful design that fulfills customer’s expectation. That is the key allows us to compete strongly in the market.”

As a trading company, the difficulty is to look for products responding to the market and the needs of consumers. So the Segmentation of customers shall be subdivided to gender, family size, and region. These reflect the difference in culture and life style.  That is one of challenges in marketing on creativity.

“The difference in the lifestyle of Thai people in each region is not the same. For example, people in Phuket have buying behavior different from people in the North. So it requires the creativity in market analysis, and it need to make Market Survey prior to select products meeting what market need. If the customers think of new products with innovation and functions meeting what they need, they will think of us first. Such basis of thinking and working enable s Häfele strong brand and be industry’s “Trendsetter”

Ms. Marivic Hellstern, CRM Manager, also gave the example of product group based on creativity linked to 3 main keys – functionality, new technology, and sophisticated design. The first group is Home Appliance. Of course, the product is very close consumers. The selection, the decision to buy is not only the advanced technology high functionality, but the designs shall get along surroundings. It is like furniture to decorate home. 

The second is Partition or room divider. We often see some ready-made ones in the market that is sometimes not suitable for installation, it has been re-decorated first. For Häfele, we do specific and sophisticated design so we can provide partitions that meet all different need of customers.

The third group is “Dialock” or security device, Someones may think why product in this group needs a creativity because locking is enough secured. However Häfele has a deep view, we look into the system itself that is designed to be simple to use, safe and suitable for each customer range. The production material also meets the world standard of quality.

The last group is sanitary fittings and sanitary ware. As today our living is in a rush, products in this group can be a main key helping us getting ready to begin a new day. Häfele, then, adopted the space-saving concept to design all product to fulfill every need of customer. For example, cabinet with washbasin with a gentle close system can save specific space for daily supplies and accessories, or ending your weekday with bathtub with a water jet massage system helping you feeling relaxed and happy easily at home.

“Apart from “Know How” we applied in our work, we also inspire our people to learn and touch the value of our product .This is what makes us distinguished from other players. It makes our people waiting and following the behavior of customers as well as the market growth. As being able to be “Trendsetter” also means to understand both technology and customers’ life style.” Ms. Marivic Hellstern ended.

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