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Doors or casements are moving structures used to block off or partition between rooms and also clearly space. Wood is the most common material for the doors that we are all familiar with because it is very easy to find and easy to match with various interior styles and has a smooth natural surface. But natural beauty is not reason enough for long-term use. Season after season of sun and rain eventually warp. When the rainy season has begun, there is always concern about the doors. Such as swelling doors from humidity and the doors becoming noisy to open and close and cause corroding. So, Häfele (Thailand) Ltd would like to guide you by giving you the techniques to choose a durable door.

1. High Quality Material, long life
Normally, interior doors are used to partition between spaces, they should be made from high quality materials, and so should the hinges. They should be a stable, not bend or become corroded following a change of climate. A steel structure as it is long-lasting and free from problems with swelling. All interior Steel Doors by Häfele such as model EZ and ZK is the door and frame made of steel (galvanized coating), it is high quality, durable and noncorrosive.

2. Similar to real wood but more durable
The natural wood surface pattern is very popular surface, giving users a warm feeling. Each style of decoration needs a different pattern and color of wood, so there must be attention giving to the material which is used to cover the steel. Wooden laminate is very suitable as it passes the test of advanced thermal technology, has a smooth texture on top of steel and is available in various choices of patterns and colors. All Steel Doors by Häfele also uses high quality wooden laminate as the cover material for these qualities. The user will feel the surface is very similar to real wooden doors, and also has UV protection. This door is very easy to maintain, saving on the repair budget.

3. Silent open – close system
We always find it annoying when doors are making noise when opening or closing, especially when there is shrinking and swelling due to temperature and weather. Therefore, in addition to choosing the materials that the doors are made from, we carefully choose internal components. Good quality steel doors should have a seal system on the frame that can block the noise as well as provide necessary soundproofing and temperature control, and allow universal attachment with other hardware such as lever handle sets and cylinders. Because in some areas doors are used as the first defense, so they might need some other security accessories but still retain an elegant look.

4. Refractory Standards
Conflagration is the first thing that all residents should be concerned about.  A tip to choose your door is to select a material that has 0% chance of fire.  So the steel door is the smart choice. Because as we all know that steel is a non-flammable material. Steel doors must be pass the refractory standards test as do Hafele Fire rated Steel Doors for example model HC passing refractory English standard (HC 60/1120/240 BS).

5. Anti-Termite
The problem of termites is one of the biggest problems that house owners are facing, especially in the rainy season. If we are using wooden doors, there is a high risk of having to deal with termites. The technology nowadays has already innovated steel doors which have surfaces the same as natural woods as we have mentioned above. So, before you make a decision on buying steel doors you should check that they come with anti-termite technology.

Häfele (Thailand) Ltd the leader in furniture fittings, architectural hardware, home appliances as well as sanitary fittings following German standards, designed and produced Steel Doors to be the solution as beauty and durable doors which have been adapted as steel doors covered by high quality wooden laminate with special features such as heat resistance, galvanized coating that prevents corrosion and termites. The most important thing is Häfele have designed steel doors combine with our high security lock system guaranteed by Häfele German standards. Therefore, not only just product beauty and quality but Hafele also care about our customer secure.

Hoermann Easy Steel Doors by Häfele
Hoermann Easy Steel Doors by Häfele

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