Häfele Thailand received the certificate of "DGNB" Energy Conservation Building aiming for sustainable growth.

"Häfele Thailand" proves potential "Distribution center Bangna-Trad” recieved DGNB

Häfele Thailand proves potential "Distribution center Bangna-Trad” received the certificate of "DGNB" Energy Conservation Building aiming for sustainable growth.

"Häfele Thailand" receives the German Sustainable Building Council or DGNB certification for building standards. 'Häfele Bangna-Trad km.22' distribution center, sustainable construction standards according to the environmental model that are recognized around the world.

Reinforce design that values ​​energy conservation. This is the second location next to "Häfele Design Center Phuket" that enhances the efficiency of distribution in Thailand. Including networks throughout Southeast Asia Support for sustainable company growth.

DGNB stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen eV (German: German Sustainable Building Council)

German Sustainable Building Council or DGNB is a globally recognized building standard certification organized by the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and the German International Cooperation Organization (GIZ) representing the highest qualities of sustainable construction in an environmentally friendly manner. The endorsement of the economy and construction of ecological standards started by 'Häfele's Design Center Phuket' which meets the DGNB standards at first building in Thailand.

In 2021 the 'Häfele Distribution Center' at Bangna-Trad Km.22 has been certified with the DGNB Award in Silver. The DGNB building certification procedures and criteria are recognized as the most advanced in the world and achieve success as a benchmark for sustainability in Germany as well as internationally.

After expanding the warehouse, we can stock up to 25,000 items by increasing the area from 10,000 sqm to 24,000 sqm. This modern warehouse was established by considering energy savings as e.g., the effective use of LED lights and the successful installation of solar panels on the roof. The 964 panels of the solar roof produce up to 320 kW at peak performance. Overall will be produced up to 478 Megawatt-hours per year resulting in electricity cost-savings of up to 2 Million THB/year while reducing a carbon footprint of 467.2 tons/year. Häfele is helping to lower global warming and general electricity consumption which causes the effect of supporting to reduce pollution.

Expanding the area of Häfele distribution center increases the efficiency of the processes significantly. The storage of sufficient products for a long-term needs comes along with the capability of an effective transportation service for customers in Thailand as well as supporting the Häfele subsidiaries in South East Asian branches like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries in Asia.

 “The certificates obtained from DGNB do not merely reflect the energy-efficient design. It is also evidence of the weight we value the environment, economy, society and the partners that Häfele does business with. As a result, the company's vision is as much about energy conservation as its goal of becoming a leader in home and building accessories. Häfele also intends for this distribution center to key element in building a business that cares about social responsibility. Ready to be the foundation for the company to move forward sustainably"