Enrico Cassina

Architectural Hardware “Made in Italy”

Enrico Cassina is an Italian brand for door accessories and furniture fitting which proposes his philosophy of stylistic pureness with the wider offer of metal objects and solutions with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy production.

enrico cassina

The Enrico Cassina range is based on the interpretation of various stylistic themes. The style spectrum represents a timeline of the main artistic trends that have influenced furniture and design in recent centuries. The craftsmen of Enrico Cassina have drawn inspiration from these artistic movements to create families of handles grouped by style, each displaying individual characteristics of form and decoration.

  • Various collections: complete product lines, coordinated in style and finish:
  • Guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy product
  • Tailor made: close relationship between market and production, experience and skill in the interest of Designers and Companies
  • Technological Plus: licences and solid experience in both modern production processes and treatment of materials (brass, stainless steel and aluminium) such as PVD finishes and anti-touch finishes
enrico cassina