Our Commitment

The world of hardware provides an ongoing opportunity to make things better. At Häfele America Co., we use our expertise to do just that. Our hardware fittings consistently meet quality standards that apply anywhere in the world. It’s a level of quality that allows products to perform better and contribute more in whatever role they play. And while our industry experience is concentrated on construction and building, our main focus is on people. Through our products and professional services, our expertise shows up in the form of convenience, dependability and thoughtful functionality.

Intense Focus on Service

We’re a global market leader in the world of hardware. We’re often behind the “little things” you may not see which enhance the value of functionality design and quality for many different industries. Our values lie in our dedication to quality, innovation and being customer focused in everything we do. We don’t just sell hardware, we provide solutions.

Superior Range of Products

We strive to provide both exceptional quality and quantity when it comes to supplying solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Serving businesses big and small across the U.S. and Caribbean – Häfele America’s offering of more than 30,000 products is designed to address specific industry needs and to assist our customers in reaching their project goals. As valued partners, our customers get their work done faster, better and more efficiently.

Excellent Logistics Services

Nowhere is reliability more vital than with delivery of the products and solutions used to complete your jobs. Whether it’s just-in-time delivery, special packing services or items made to specification, our logistics and operations team is ready to meet your needs.

Excellence in logistic services is part of the value we offer; it’s a non-negotiable part of our DNA. Because the trust of our customers is our number one motivation, the next delivery is always the most important one.

Dynamic Innovator

Right from the beginning we've asked ourselves what our customers will need tomorrow; and how society and markets will change. This is at the heart of our drive to innovate.

We’re proud to have invented many of the innovations that reside within the cabinet making, furniture and architectural areas of manufacturing and construction that exist today. We research and develop, manufacture and take to market through a direct sales force which allows us to be close to our customers and to be their best partner through application knowledge, service and advice.

German Quality

Häfele customers demand exceptional quality, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we select, develop and produce our own Häfele Exclusive products, we’re deeply committed to precision, durability, functionality and user-friendliness. True to our heritage, we insist on and rigorously test for uncompromised German quality in all of our products.

International Presence - Local Expertise

We view our marketplace through international eyes, looking beyond borders and focusing on industry needs and trends. This attitude is an important part of our history and growth. The Häfele Group currently serves customers in 150 countries through 38 subsidiaries and additional dealers around the world.

It's by getting in touch with you, our customer, and understanding your needs that we're able to support down the line – from requirement, to the design and manufacturing of solutions in the right place at the right time. Regardless of their location, our customers have access to international knowledge and expertise, as well as personal and professional local service.