Häfele Dialock – Electronic Access Control.

The areas of use for the Dialock identification and locking system are almost unlimited. Whether in retail, industry, clinics or at home: every possible door, drawer or even roller shutter can be secured according to current standards – contact-free and maintenance-free thanks to state-of-the-art transponder technology.

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Segments and Application Areas of Dialock


A great experience starts with Dialock. It means one key which can allow employees and guests access to parking, fitness and business areas, bars and everywhere else they should be to get most of out of their stay. Owners, managers and staff get maximum reliability and flexibility.


Retail is all about balancing the shopping experience for customers with the prevention of loss. Dialock electronic furniture locks allow for discreet handling during sales calls, alarm messages. Wired and battery-operated solutions for every application. Different authorization concepts.


One employee ID card. Multiple uses. Dialock can handle building security, time recording; parking lot and elevator access and so much more. High security due to fast locking of the key. Integration of different locations. Connection possible e.g. to hazard management systems.


Individually programmable access rights for different groups of people within the space, yet compliant with regulations such as dementia wards. Electronically secured patient lockers or medicine cabinets. Combination with time recording.


Dialock system

Software for configuration and management

Häfele offers three benefit-based options for the user: Dialock Stand Alone mode (card programming), Dialock App mode (programming via Häfele Dialock Manager App), Dialock Software mode (programming via the web-based Dialock software).

Hardware for door, wall and furniture

Whatever the project, Häfele covers every access and locking point with the right terminal, battery-powered or wired.

Interfaces to partner systems

The Dialock electronic locking system is not an isolated solution. Modern buildings of all types are now networked in many ways. For this purpose, the Dialock system has the market-relevant generic interfaces.


Dialock References

Häfele supplies customers around the world with the Dialock electronic locking system. Through their 360° project expertise, Dialock specialists provide advice and support in all phases of project development: from planning to tendering and implementation to ongoing operation, including after-sales service.


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