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Light is an essential part of life. And — it noticeably affects our well-being. The bright, cold white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or lightbulbs. Light in furniture and furnishings combines harmoniously with the lighting of the room and creates a kind of fourth design dimension.

LED lights are ideally suited for this because of their lower heat generation, small size and long service life. Light colors, including white with different temperatures, are modeled almost lifelike. So there is the right luminaire for every application.

With the Loox LED lighting systems, work areas, presentation areas and living rooms are illuminated from functional to decorative. Well-being can be controlled in a targeted manner. And it's surprisingly easy.

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The essence of four generations

We have spent over 100,000 hours in the research and development of our LED lights. One key component of this process has been valuable discussions with partners and customers — and we have learned a great deal about what you, and our industry need!

The market is demanding digital answers.

  • How can it be made easier?
  • How can it be made better?
  • How can it be more intelligent?

Welcome to Loox5. The essence of our experience and answer to these questions.

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Designing Rooms and Furniture  How to Plan Light  How to Build Light  Resources


Designing Rooms & Furniture with Loox5

Light in furniture is no longer just an accessory added after construction.
Today light is an essential function within furniture to create emphasis, provide orientation and improve quality of life.

Experience the possibilities with LED lighting technology from Häfele:



There are no limits to room and furniture design with light.
The LED lighting system can be used in a wide variety of living environments:


Bathroom: Orientation through indirect LED lighting.


Hotel: Indirect lighting of bed emphasize the header.

Wardrobe: Recessed lighting in the compartments.


Living room: Strip lighting creates atmosphere.

Living room: Background lighting makes furniture float.


Wall unit: Discreet functional light inside the cabinet.

LED light creates a cozy atmosphere in the living rooms.

Lighting is an important part of “setting the stage” for the customer. Lighting needs to reflect the overall customer experience you are trying to establish and atmosphere is key.


Understanding light even better.

The Loox Design Book from Häfele shows numerous rooms in the right light. It demonstrates the advantages and possibilities of the Loox lighting system in furniture and furnishings.

Note: To experience the Designbook interactively, please download the PDF and open it locally on your device.

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How to plan light with Loox 5



Light is easy.


Few criteria.
Many solutions.


Light colorMonochrome | Multi-white | RGB
Light intensityTask light | Ambient light | Accent light
Light sourceLinear light | Point light
AlignmentDirectly or indirectly | Up or down | Forward or backward | To the side
Position of the cabinetOutside | Inside
Installation typeRecess mounted | Surface mounted


Light in the sleeping area
Ambience full of atmosphere for rest areas.


Light in the kitchen
Functionality for every action.


Light in the storage space
Orientation for perfect organisation.


Light in the store fixtures
Value for the presentation of goods.



Light is plannable


The need to observe only a few planning steps structures and simplifies the planning of lighting in furniture.



Häfele Loox - Illuminating Icon



At the start of the development process determine the purpose of lighting within the furniture


  • Task light for pleasant and safe working
  • Ambient light for highlighting, staging or atmosphere
  • Accent light for storage spaces or paths
Häfele Loox - Extending Icon


Häfele Loox5 drivers supply not only lights, but also charging stations(inductive and USB), audio systems, as well as electrically operated flap fittings, sliding doors, or TV lifts. Take advantage of the potential of Häfele Loox5. Create furniture that can do more than simply look good.

Häfele Loox - Switching Icon


Plan switch requirements and switch positions. Simple mechanical switches or convenient sensors and dimmers can be grouped together by means of multi driver or multi switch boxes to conveniently operate lights from a single location or from different locations.

Häfele Loox - Networking Icon


The Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor is the central element for controlling monochrome lights, multi-white lights, or RGB lights individually or together. 6-way distributors can be networked. They can be controlled by remote control, wallmounted push button, or app

Häfele Loox - Distributing


Plan the concealed cable routing and provide holes, grooves, or panels. An extensive range of extension leads and distributors facilitates suitable cabling of your project.

Häfele Loox - Supplying Icon


Add up the wattage of all lights and other devices. If necessary, take into account possible later expansions and select the appropriate driver. Lights of the same voltage type or current may be connected to a common driver. Converters are also available and are necessary if lights with different voltage types and currents share a driver.



How to build light with Loox 5




Color coding ensure intuitive connections.

A simple plug-and-play system: The color coded plug connectors allow a safe alignment of components belonging together.



Häfele Connect Mesh


The Loox5 light control



RGB, multi-white or monochrome light - the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor controls everything. All at once & wirelessly.

All Loox5 lights “register” in the Häfele Connect Mesh App  in just a few steps. They can be individually activated, dimmed, their light colour can be changed, or they can be simply switched on and off. At the same time, different lighting scenarios can be created and saved.

Switching can be done via the App, via remote control or using wall-mounted push buttons. Integrating the Häfele Connect Mesh 2-channel interface or Häfele Connect Mesh 4-channel interface also makes every standard wall-mounted push button compatible with the app.


Häfele Loox Connect Mesh App

  • Create and manage Bluetooth mesh networks
  • Organize your devices in rooms and groups
  • Link lamps, switches and many other devices together
  • Create scenes to control all devices in a group
  • Set matching icons or photos for your groups and scenes
  • Export your mesh network configuration
Connect Mesh App



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Understanding light even better.

The Loox Design Book from Häfele shows numerous rooms in the right light. It demonstrates the advantages and possibilities of the Loox lighting system in furniture and furnishings.

Note: To experience the Designbook interactively, please download the PDF and open it locally on your device.

Download Design Book

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