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Five Reasons to Visit the NYC Showroom

It’s been said that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Well our all-new 4,000 sq. ft., European-inspired New York City Showroom is surely proof of success. Packed with innovative hardware solutions and components—this showroom is any designer or architect’s dream all under one roof. Whether you are working on your next commercial or residential project, Häfele has everything you want and more. But, you need to see it for yourself! Here are five reasons why near or far, our showroom is a must-see when in the Big Apple. 


The kitchens in our NYC Showroom feature Häfele products everywhere you look and open.


1.  The Kitchen Everyone Wants

Kitchen bliss. The reason why everyone desires a kitchen just like this is because it’s packed with anything you would ever want or need in a kitchen. It features a wide array of products to inspire designers, architects and millworkers for their next projects such as innovative pantry pull-outs, organizational solutions and more. In cooperation with our trusted vendor partners Bright Wood Works of St. Petersburg, FL and Handmade Furniture Company of West Creek, NJ, these designs bring kitchen envy.





Häfele's Innovative Product Library features many products in one space.



2.  Innovation Everywhere You Look

When you walk into the showroom there is an Innovative Product Library with stacked elements that move back and forth with the touch of a button that features Häfele offerings including Loox LED lighting , MX Drawer Systems , Slido door hardware ,a bevy of decorative hardware selections and more. The great thing about this is that you can get a taste of many things Häfele has to offer in one convenient, inspired space.






More than just a place to display our products, the space also accommodates various functions such as seminars and receptions.



3.  Coming Together

Come together, right now, over Häfele. We love that everyone can congregate for a cause over their beverage of choice and some really great hardware. The showroom allows the space to accommodate regular, day-to-day visitors then easily transforms to host a multitude of industry educational seminars, training programs, cocktail receptions, open house events and more.






The outside of our NYC Showroom in Manhattan.


4.  We Live in the Heart of Manhattan

Our space is conveniently located at 20 West 22nd Street, Second Floor, New York, NY 10010—easy to get to from almost anywhere in New York City. You can tour our space and then take a walk around midtown Manhattan taking in culture, dining at nearby, world-class restaurants and taking on all the amazing shopping destinations your pocketbook can handle.




Steven Crawford, Technical Showroom Sales, shows customers around the showroom.

5.  Let Us Show You Around

We have a friendly, hard-working staff who is ready to show you around the space as well as help you take on whatever challenges your projects pose. We are open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Drop by, or schedule an appointment by calling 212-897-5560.

We hope that you get the opportunity to stop by so you can see why we love this new space so much. But for now, we leave with you this video that gives you a look at the showroom:

See our NYC Showroom





The latest kitchen trends your neighbors will be jealous of

Today’s consumers are looking for great products to give their home that extra edge. And now that summer is finally here, the kitchen is one of the biggest congregating spaces when hosting house parties. With the increased need for more space and functionality in the kitchen, these products are a must have for anyone seeking kitchen organization bliss.



The Lemans II for blind corner cabinets gives increased space and functionality in the kitchen. With a soft and silent finish, the Lemans II has 20 percent more storage capacity than the original Lemans.



Blind Corners No More

Turning blind corners into opportunity is the name of the game and the Lemans I and II and Magic Corner I and II are the playing pieces. They’re all different products that have the same goal—they bring the contents of your cabinets to you. The popular blind corner pull-out units will make a kitchen more spacious and gives places to store your stuff. With a highly desired sleek finish, this product is perfect for a modern kitchen.









Fineline™ Kitchen Accessories bring blind corner pull-out units to the next level. Featured is a walnut design.




Fineline™ - Organization So Good We Patented It

The pantry pull-out unit is even better when it has accessories. The Fineline™ Kitchen Accessories give your pantries a sleek and modern look that is so good we patented it. With a mix of warmly attractive wood and metal, the product itself is versatile with the choice of birch or walnut boxes which makes a bold design statement for any kitchen. Available metal finishes include stainless steel, silver and champagne to complete the look.









Featured is the Hailo Euro Cargo Waste Bin with an easy-to-install, clip-on frame.




Better Behind Closed Doors

With the growing need for increased functionality, consumers want to conceal their waste bins, whenever possible. With the Hailo Euro Cargo Waste Bin it’s possible. This is a product that stores your waste wherever you want it with an easy-to-install, clip-on frame. It can be installed in a face frame, inset door and frameless door applications. An added bonus is that you can double up bins, so trash and recycling is covered.








The Häfele Base Pull-Out Cleaning Caddy stores cleaning supplies and is easy to carry from room-to-room.

Clean-Up Convenience

Sometimes it can be tough to find a place for cooking products, let alone cleaning supplies! That’s why the pull-out cleaning caddy for under sinks is the perfect fit for consumers. It’s ideal for storing sponges, cleaning chemicals and can be carried from room-to-room as a detachable cleaning caddy. It also has an integrated soft close. This means that when your cleaning is done the caddy will slide easily back into place.

A modern, functional, space-saving kitchen is achievable with these products. The pull-out corner units, Hailo Euro Cargo Waste Bins and cleaning caddies are just the start of the products that can give any kitchen a seamless and functional finish. And with that, you are ready for summer. Soak up the sun, and enjoy it!





Lighting Where Needed

enLIGHTenment Magazine
March, 2016

More kitchens today feature accent lighting such as cove, soffit, toekick, and in-cabinet illumination to add a soft layer of light during usage.  Undercabinet lighting also serves this purpose while providing functional task lighting.

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Flexible and Functional Light

enLIGHTenment Magazine
March, 2016

The latest iteration of flexible light strips and flexible silicone strips from Häfele's Loox lighting line offers brighter light while offering even more LEDs per foot.

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Drawer Slide for Deep Drawers

Woodworking Network
March, 2016

Drawer slide technology has come a long way from the under mount wood runners you may still find on an antique chest of drawers. To fill this need Häfele America Co. is excited to add the Accuride 3634 and 3634EC to our drawer slide offerings.

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Karen LeBlanc: Universal Design

Growing Bolder
February, 2015

More and more designers are creating products for the home that are safer, easier and more convenient for everyone, no matter their size, ability or age. It’s called Universal Design. Several companies, including Hafele, are unveiling new products and features that are already making a difference. The Design Tourist Karen LeBlanc takes a look!

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The Design Tourist: Universal Design Trends

Growing Bolder
February, 2015

Here’s a phrase you’re going to hear a lot — UNIVERSAL DESIGN. That means that designers are creating products for the home that are safer, easier and more convenient for everyone, no matter their size, ability or age. Karen LeBlanc, The Design Tourist, headed out to the world’s Kitchen and Bath Show and came back to share with Growing Bolder some of the hottest universal design places she found, including the Häfele booth.

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2015 Design and Construction Week

The Design Network
February, 2015

Join Karen LeBlanc in Las Vegas for 2015 Design & Construction Week, the mega-event that brings together the best-in-industry brands for nearly every space in the home. Karen explores the hottest trends including the rise of the “foodie kitchen,” ergonomic design and ways to live large in small spaces.

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Kitchen Encounters

January, 2015

Four LeMans, blind-corner shelving systems were incorporated Into the cabinetry for easy access to hard-to-reach items. Chrome hardware on the cabinets features a modem neutral tone that combines nicely with the warmth of the wood.

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Häfele Pairs LED Lighting with Sliding Door Hardware at IWF 2014

Woodworking Network
August, 2014

Mike Brewer of Hafele showcases lighting and sliding door systems for cabinets and home storage at IWF 2014. Häfele featured products include doors which retract into cabinetry like pocket doors, and Loox LED lights which turn on and off with door motion.

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Loox LED Lighting Collection from Häfele Gets Bigger and Brighter

Woodworking Network
August, 2014

Häfele America Co., a leading supplier of LED lighting solutions, is pleased to announce the expanded Loox family of LED lighting to provide brighter lights, advanced technology and more solutions for cabinetry lighting. Through this expansion, the 12 V system, 24 V system and 350-mA system have grown to include 21 additional products and four new drivers.

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Cabinet Consumers Benefit from LED Lighting

March, 2014

Buyers of cabinets are taking a closer look at interior storage designs.  LED interior lighting packages offer benefits for cabinet cansumers, says Jason Artus, business development manager fro Luxury Custom Cabinetry Grou, Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry and Rutt Regency.

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Aluflex Door System Available from Häfele

Woodworking Network
June 16, 2014

Häfele America Co. is pleased to announce the Aluflex Sliding Door System can now be ordered, customized and pre-assembled through the Häfele-to-Order (H-to-O) online service.

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Häfele Illuminates Everything at KBIS

Woodworking Network
February 12, 2014

For KBIS 2014, the simplest summary of Häfele America's hardware and component exhibit was this: Everything Was Illuminated. From drawers, to cabinets, toe kicks to closet rods, it was all lit up with LED.  Also really cool and generating some buzz among designers was a tambour-style maple Rapid Pull-out Table.

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Häfele at AWFS 2013

Woodworking Network
July 24, 2013

Häfele's Scott Markwood talks about the company's Loox 2 LED cabinet lighting system along with its other cabinet, sliding door and furniture hardware items on display at AWFS Fair.

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Universal Design On the Tipping Point?

June 13, 2013

Perhaps it’s the growing cadre of baby boomers or the number of families trying to accommodate granny as well as young children, but in discussions about housing, the phrase “universal design” is trending.

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