“Häfele Discoveries”: The countdown has started

The industrial event at interzum@home

Preparations for the international trade fair format “Häfele Discoveries,” a combination of a digital platform and a local event concept, are in full swing. At the start of interzum@home on May 4th 2021, the Häfele “spaceship” will start into orbit on a maiden voyage to partners around the world. “We care” is a central motto of the innovative experience platform that will enrich the interzum industrial event with a very special, promising format in 2021.

The focus of this journey into the Discoveries universe is on many new Häfele services and the theme worlds, some of which are already familiar, as well as a firework of new products, which will be virtually presented for the first time from May 4th - 7th 2021 — around the clock.

We care – at “Häfele Discoveries”, a whole own theme world is devoted to Service.

Out and about in the Häfele universe and close to the interzum

During these special times, the fittings specialist will present the innovations for 2021/22 as well as inspiring ideas and applications worldwide on the internet. Häfele partners and everyone who is interested in this innovative platform are cordially invited to the Häfele fireworks display of product innovations, which is so typical of the interzum. Smooth connections to interzum@home, which is taking place at the same time, and back to the Häfele universe are ensured.

Customer proximity redefined in times of the pandemic

interzum is the most important trade fair for the furniture accessories industry. From the beginning, 62 years ago, Häfele has been the specialist for furniture fittings and architectural hardware, electronic access control systems, and LED light as one of the largest exhibitors.

This year we have to break new ground. Taking paths that make talking to customers and experiencing things together with partners in over 150 countries around the world come to life in an astonishingly different way. The “makers” of Häfele Discoveries have dedicated themselves to this Herculean task and have networked the virtual and the real world. The result is the Häfele Discoveries platform. It serves as a digital interzum trade fair booth as well as virtual showroom, displays the entire range of Häfele topics and products, and enables personal communication.

In coordination with interzum@home 2021, a lot of what would have been possible in Cologne at the real trade fair booth will now take place here. This applies from personal encounters and intensive, digital dialogue to the experience of a Häfele world in new dimensions, in which customer proximity and comprehensive service are paramount. Visitors can start at the Live Stage, the central Häfele marketplace, and visit 15 theme and product worlds in the Discoveries universe. These are presented in the digital world almost as if they were real — you can almost touch them.

The digital “Häfele Discoveries” platform – Lobby area with CEO Paul Smith.

More life per m2 in virtual theme worlds

Exciting content on the topics of functionality, light, acoustics and networking as well as new products in furniture fitting and architectural hardware product range await visitors. In addition, there is plenty of inspiration for intelligent room solutions in the adventure worlds. You can visit innovative kitchen stagings, smart living and office spaces, as well as comfortable caravans with clever interior design solutions, to name just a few examples. Häfele’s visions of the future can also be experienced in lavishly staged micro-living apartments and in a hotel. This can be done comfortably around the clock from your desk or living room.

On a journey of discovery in the virtual showroom

“The digital Häfele Discoveries platform is more reminiscent of a computer game than a virtual showroom. The visit is exciting and fun. You forget everything around you. You simply navigate through a planetary universe to be inspired,” reports a first test user. The virtual adventure world will be available beginning May 4th under discoveries.hafele.com.


The Häfele Highlights 2021/22

A selection:

Products and services – We care

Products, ranges, innovations, application ideas, advice, and comprehensive service – the holistic view of all these components is increasingly becoming a guarantee of success for a perfect partnership. In the Discoveries universe, Häfele is showing its extraordinarily extensive services and what's new in 2021.

Examples: Knowledge transfer in the Häfele Academy, new configuration tools for planning, ordering, and sales, customer-centred logistics, TopCo offers made to measure for Loox lights and drawers from a quantity of one. It is worth taking a closer look.

Loox and Nimbus – Häfele light for furniture and rooms

There is a lot of movement in the Häfele lighting range with its smart networking in furniture and rooms thanks to the simple interplay of high-quality components. Loox5 by Häfele and the products of the subsidiary, Nimbus, are now growing together on the 24 Volt platform. Light can therefore be implemented even more simply and holistically, directly from the manufacturer.

Complete product families for sliding, flaps and drawers

Häfele is completing its family of furniture flap fittings (Free), furniture sliding doors (Slido), and drawers (e.g., Matrix) with a number of new products. Examples: New weight classes for the flaps, soft closing mechanism for Slido pivot/sliding doors, speech recognition for operation with Alexa and Google for the Slido Flush51 flush sliding door system. There are also new configuration tools, concealed runners, and furnishing features for the Matrix family, designer shelves for kitchens, and a wide range of TopCo services for complete drawers.

Dialock in furniture – the electronic access control system from Häfele

The new EFL 30 battery-operated furniture lock complements the product range in the Dialock electronic access control system by Häfele. It is the perfect solution for individual locking points and mobile furniture. EFL 30 can be easily integrated into the Dialock software and the upcoming Dialock Manager App in conjunction with all Dialock Generation 2 terminals. Its batteries have a service life of up to two years.

Dialock in furniture also offers: extremely simple configuration via smartphone, quick plug & play installation, combination of door and furniture locking, invisible installation.

No wonder that, with so much innovation, some winners of well-known, internationally known awards are also part of the fair. These include, for example, the new H21 handle collection and the multiple award-winning Häfele Frame Fix frame connector, which can be installed without foam.




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