Aluflex Sliding Door Now Available

Archdale, NC, June 19, 2013

Archdale, NC, June 19, 2013 – Häfele America Co. is pleased to announce the Aluflex Sliding Door System can now be ordered, customized and pre-assembled through the Häfele-to-Order (H-to-O) online service.  Aluflex is an aluminum-framed sliding door system that brings functionality and style to closets, living rooms, garages, office areas and other spaces where doors are needed. Aluflex is available with a soft-close dampening mechanism to prevent noise from door slamming and avoid damage to doors and walls.

“To help customers easily design a custom sliding door, Häfele has developed the H-to-O service and an online configurator application,” said Mae Holler, product manager for Häfele. “H-to-O allows us to quickly quote, provide drawings and ship ready-to-install products to our customers.”

Aluflex orders can be customized through the H-to-O service by selecting the dimensions, number of panels, mullions, finish and material including wood, glass, Ecoresin and mirrors. Shipments of the pre-assembled doors will arrive within one-to-three weeks after placing the order. Bottom-mounted track allows Aluflex to maintain stability regardless of surrounding structural components and silently slide on all surfaces including carpets, tile and wood. Designs are available to accommodate doors up to 88 lbs. and 176 lbs. to provide the best functionality for each door.

Aluflex sliding doors are ideal for closets because they save space and enhance functionality. Since the doors slide open instead of swinging out like hinged doors, they take up less room in small areas and are easy to operate regardless of space restrictions.

To learn more about Aluflex and the Häfele-to-Order program, please visit or contact us at 888.437.7477

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