Turn Challenges Into Solutions with Häfele at AWFS Fair 2017

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, June 13, 2017

  • Your projects are good. Our products and services will make them better
  • Häfele’s award winning Spreading Connector SC 8/25 connector makes its U.S. debut
  • Fineline™ Kitchen Accessories combine two favorites: amazing woods and organization

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, July 19, 2017 – To the craftsmen. The innovators. The tinkerers. Yours is a craft covered in sawdust and anchored in excellence. And the products Häfele America Co. is bringing to 2017 Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Supplies Fair (AWFS) will make your work easier to put together, add appeal and stand the test of time. Join us July 19-22 at AWFS booth #4422 in Las Vegas, Nevada so you don’t miss out. 

“The difference between a good project and a great project is in the details―the craftsmanship of a hinge, handle or pull-out,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “That’s what woodworkers know Häfele for and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to this year’s AWFS Fair across all the product categories we offer.”

Häfele’s AWFS booth is where innovation and functionality combine to turn challenges into solutions. From inspired new connectors such as Häfele’s all-new, award winning Spreading Connector SC 8/25 to it’s truly plug and play Loox LED Lighting for cabinets, drawers and beyond or patent pending kitchen organizations such as the new Fineline™ Kitchen Accessories, visitors are sure to gain new knowledge and insight about how projects could be made better, their shop made more efficient and their customers wowed.

Select Häfele AWFS booth highlights include:

Connectors and Shelf Pins
Many of the connectors you know well and love to use? Well, we invented them. And we continue to invent them. Our new Spreading Connector SC 8/25 is exactly what you should be using to put together small furniture from here on out. After you drill some holes, you’ll need no tools, glue or clamps to assemble smaller pieces of furniture. The SC 8/25 even earned the coveted “Best of Best” award at this year’s interzum trade show. We’ll also show you that 3 mm > 5 mm with Häfele’s German engineered, toothed shelf pins for wood and glass shelves.

A Total Shop Solution
Superior hardware is merely one facet of the products and services Häfele provides to woodworkers throughout the United States. We’re also one of the country’s largest sellers of shop supplies such as glue, sandpaper and other consumables. And tools. And safety equipment. At AWFS we’ll be featuring the latest from SENCO, including their all-new line of composite staples and nails as well as a bunch of other solutions to help you run your shop as well as keep you and your shop staff safe.

LED Lighting, Power and Data
Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting has quickly evolved into the system LED system of choice for the woodworking community due to its fully flexible, customizable and easy to install surface and recess mounted lights, LED ribbon and LED silicone ribbon. The ability to put efficient task, accent and ambient light practically anywhere with unique switching options has inspired innovation and brought new functionality kitchen, bath, closet and furniture design. Also on display will be the latest in power and data solutions—these aren’t just for office environments anymore.

Organization Anywhere
Any part of the home, closet, garage or office can become a disorganized wasteland of stuff without the right products to keep our baser hunter/gatherer instincts in check. Häfele’s AWFS display will include a wide array of solutions bring order to the kitchen such as our Fineline ecosystem of kitchen organization products and even innovative solutions to tame waste like the Hailo US Cargo 18 waste bin system. New for closets is the Italian-styled Coloma Closet & Storage System which floats your clothes while hiding the hardware. If organizational superheroes existed, this could conceivably be their leader.

What We Can Do For You
One of the strengths of Häfele beyond an unparalleled product selection is service. Knowing the pain points of installers has allowed us to create a robust made-to-order operation called Häfele-to-Order to support a variety of product categories. Don’t like to assemble our Loox LED light strips? Let us do that for you. Lugging the right equipment along to precisely cut aluminum frame door profiles not your thing? It is ours. We can cut pieces to your exact specification and send them right to your job site. We’ll even ship it assembled, if that would help increase your per project efficiency.

Want to learn more about Häfele and our offerings for the woodworking industry? Be sure to visit us in booth #4422 at the 2017 AWFS Fair.