More Than Just Talk: Häfele Brings All the Innovation to AWFS 2019

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, July 9, 2019

  • All the latest Häfele inventions and advances are heading to AWFS 2019
  • We know there are better ways to open cabinets—because we invented them
  • Smart home controls for LED lighting, TV lifts, locks and more with Loox

Innovation. It’s a word many people in the industry hear from a lot of places. But to Häfele America Co., innovation is more than just part of a catchphrase or ad slogan—it’s an opportunity to engage the senses, ignite creativity and bring a little magic to cabinetry, woodworking, millwork and beyond. The innovation experience begins at the 2019 Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Supplies Fair (AWFS) from July 17-20 at AWFS booth #4422 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

“The display we’ve put together for this year’s AWFS show is all about the uniquely innovative products conceived and developed by our engineers,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “These products are Häfele’s answers to the problems faced by our industry … ‘How do you make a better cabinet opener?’ ‘What’s a better way to level a cabinet?’ ‘How can LED lighting be easy to install and even easier to control?’ and more.”

Innovation in flap fittings: the all-new Häfele Free Space makes its U.S. debut. Innovation in LED lighting and smart home: Häfele’s next generation of Loox LED Lighting smartens up. Innovation in cabinet leveling: The Häfele Axilo™ Plinth Adjusting Fitting System  means less gymnastics and more efficiency. Innovation in furniture connectors: The all-new Spreading Connector SC 8/60  makes amazingly sturdy furniture connections which can be taken apart and put back together at any time. Häfele developed innovations will be on full display in the company’s AWFS booth where attendees can see, touch and experience it all. Our industry leading booth partner Grothouse also contributed to the display.

Select Häfele AWFS booth highlights include:

Overachiever. Engineered by Häfele.
The ability to open cabinets up, as opposed to out, is functionality Häfele has offered for a long time as part of its Free family of flap fittings. Well, the latest generation of this product line is stronger, faster, more compact and more efficient than any fitting of its kind: the all-new Free Space. The Free Space gives cabinets a smooth and silent operation and features soft close, all with a clean, space-saving design. It can be left in any position while open and works for a wide variety of cabinetry allowing for infinite flexibility in cabinet construction. The Free Space mounts with one screw, making for quick, easy installation.

Brilliantly Efficient. Gloriously Smart.
Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System was already one of the most designer- and installer-friendly systems available on the market today. The addition of the Häfele Connect app, which allows users to control, customize and configure all Loox LED lighting from a Bluetooth-enabled device, introduced smart home functionality. And now, making its U.S. debut at AWFS is the Häfele Connect Mesh  network solution which, through the connectivity between the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor and the Häfele Connect app, allows users to fully control their Häfele Loox LED lighting, sound system, TV lifts, electronic locks and cabinet flap fittings throughout the home simply via Bluetooth-enabled devices, a convenient wall panel or remote control.

Bringing It All Together
Not every connection needs to be a permanent one. Not every connection should be a permanent one. And that’s the beauty of Häfele’s all-new Ixconnect Spreading Connector SC 8/60: large pieces of furniture can be put together and then easily disassembled as needed for transport and reassembled upon reaching your final destination. Machining is a standard 8 mm bore, with no glue or clamps needed and a simple hex key allows you take apart or put together your project as needed. Panels can be as thin as 15 mm.

Shims are So Last Century
Up until now, leveling cabinetry has been either an uncomfortable mix of shims or adjustable cabinet feet and a level—and some exhausting gymnastics necessary to make it all work. Well the innovators at Häfele America Co. have devised another way to level kitchen, office, wardrobe or other cabinetry: the revolutionary, new Axilo™ Plinth Adjusting Fitting System. Axilo means plinth leveling in just a few manual operations. The adjusting tool acts as an arm extension. No more bending, crawling or stretching—with Axilo you can easily reach the rear feet of the plinth as well.  

Want to learn more about Häfele and our offerings for the woodworking industry? Be sure to visit us in booth #4422 at the 2019 AWFS Fair.