Leave Everything to Us … Except the Bedding and Curtains

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, November 12, 2017

  • Ease of use, security and peace of mind. And that’s just our new door lock system
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall … why can’t every mirror be like this
  • An easier way to access practically all you need for your hotel projects

In its simplest form a hotel room is a bed to sleep in behind a securely closed door. But what really differentiates one property from another are the details and functionality surrounding that comfy bed. These are the things that truly wow guests, keep them returning loyally for every trip made to your destination and prove that you care about their well-being and comfort. Häfele America Co., one of the nation’s leading providers of hospitality products and solutions, is bringing these items and more to the 2017 Boutique Design New York (BDNY) November 12-13 in booth #162 in New York, New York. 

“Supporting the hotel project business is all about having the right products and an undeniable commitment to service. And that’s precisely why hotel chains, independents and owners look to Häfele,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “Our selection at this year’s BDNY show offers a glimpse at the future of the hospitality industry through our uniquely global perspective.”

Häfele’s BDNY booth is where common in-room pain points become opportunities to charm guests. From inspired access solutions such as Häfele’s all-new Dialock DT 750 to it’s truly plug and play Loox LED Lighting for cabinets, drawers, bedsides and toe kicks to the sleekly, innovation-packed Multi-Dimensional Mirror, visitors are sure to walk away with new ideas to inspire hotel designs for many years to come.

Select Häfele BDNY booth highlights include:

Dialock DT 750
All the functionality and innovation you could want in a total hotel building access system can be found with Häfele’s all-new Dialock DT 750. This RFID-enabled system allows guests and staff to present keys, eliminating key card errors and is optionally available with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability to make smartphone room access a breeze. This system is one easy way to make customers, front staff and hotel maintenance teams happy.

Multi-Dimensional Mirror
Accent lighting, make-up lighting, anti-fogging mirror and Bluetooth speaker all-in-one sleekly designed mirror unit? Normally, just one of those functions is enough to make your room stand out from other accommodations. All four just means you’re now working with Häfele and we intend to take you to a whole new level of guest room zen.

Loox LED Lighting
Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting brings innovation to solving issues your customers didn’t even know they had. Being able to read a book and charge your thirsty devices via a Loox LED Flexible Reading Light? Loox can do that. How about safely guiding guests to and from the refrigerator or restroom in the middle of the night? The Loox LED Toe Kick Light is light sensitive, motion activated and turns on in four minute increments. Loox does all that and much more.

International Hotel Assortment
“Global Reach, Local Results” is a motto which we take very seriously at Häfele. And the influence of that philosophy on our International Hospitality Assortment will be on display at this year’s BDNY show. We offer a wide assortment of products which improve the in-room experience―refrigerators, power and charging solutions, sliding door hardware, closet accessories―and much, much more. Like they say at the front desk, “If you need it, we’re just a phone call away.”     

Want to learn more about Häfele and our offerings for the hospitality industry? Be sure to visit us in booth #162 at the 2017 BDNY show.