The Tale of Häfele’s KBIS 2016 Closet Vignette

Archdale, NC January 19. 2016

Sumptuous textures and finely engineered mechanicals basked in brilliant task and ambient light. Filled with shirts, blouses, trousers, sunglasses, jewelry and lingerie? Yup. Thanks to Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of closet organization and storage components, the closet has come a long way from cluttered, never-shown-to-houseguests afterthought to a marvelously organized masterpiece you’ll want to regularly share with the likes of Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram and perhaps even your significant other.  

Among the many animated and enlivened vignettes gracing Häfele’s booth at KBIS 2016, the closet vignette stands out as a perfected example of what can occur when the worlds of inspired design and innovative engineering refuse to merely intersect, but instead join and develop side-by-side.

“While every facet of that closet is beautiful, there’s nothing extraneous or done simply for show,” explains David Hatcher, senior manager, product management and development for Häfele America Co. “Every part of Häfele’s KBIS 2016 closet vignette is a beautifully rendered opportunity to add value, daily usability and dare I say improve the lives of our customers.”

Anchored by Häfele’s Engage system, the closet vignette embraces use and functionality at every turn – from the pull-down wardrobe lift and sliding shoe and boot racks to the foldaway Ironfix ironing station, pullout hampers and cleverly stowed storage boxes above. Best in class closet lighting is provided courtesy of Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System featuring extremely flat circular and square surface mounted downlights, lighted wardrobe tubes, strategically placed LED ribbons and beautifully presented glass edge ambient shelf lighting.

Beyond having something for everyone, Häfele’s KBIS 2016 closet vignette offers what any regular closet user (i.e., all of us) desperately yearn for in their current and future closet: supreme attention to detail and design, organizational solutions which truly work and the elimination of deep, dark corners previously only ever inhabited by lost socks.


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