Expo Anywhere: Join Häfele Virtually at IWF Connect 2020

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  • All your projects are brighter, smarter and more efficient with Loox5
  • Smartly organize all those drawers with the all new Fineline™ black ash

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, October 26, 2020 – Regardless of what’s going on in the world — and trust us, we know that’s a lot these days — work and projects continue. And we at Häfele continue to innovate right alongside our industry partners. And that’s precisely what you’ll see and learn as part of our presence at IWF Connect presence from October 26 – 30, 2020 where we’ll be showing you the latest in kitchen and closet organization, sliding door hardware, Häfele’s all-new Loox5 LED lighting system, functional and decorative hardware, office furniture components and much, much more.

“Things are being done differently this year but we are determined to get these products out in front of the woodworking and design communities,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “While there may be a screen between attendees and the displays, we expect the impact of all these products on the industry to be influential, if not game changing.”

Virtual visitors will find uniquely innovative solutions which inspire for current and future projects: the all-new Ixconnect Claw Connector CC 8/5/30 which allows drawers to be put together with no tools; the Häfele-exclusive Loox5 LED Lighting System with all sorts of “wow;” the YouK Shelf System which brings it all out into the open; Fineline™ Drawer Organization in a black ash finish which smartly stuns and much, much more. Booth partners contributing to the display include industry leaders such as Bellmont Cabinets and Tailored Living.

Select Häfele IWF Connect booth highlights include:

More Claw. Less Machining.
Faster installation, fewer parts and fewer mistakes are possible with the all-new Häfele Ixconnect Claw Connector CC 8/5/30. The single piece of hardware connects wooden drawers quickly and easily without tools. All you need is a few standard drill holes (front: 8 mm, side: 5 mm) for the patented CC 8/5/30 to claw into the perpendicular panel material, making a nice, tight fit. Wooden drawer panels as thin as a half inch have a reliable, invisible connection when the claw bites into the MDF panels.

Straight Down the Line with Loox5
Loox5 — an LED lighting system which is easier to install and infinitely smarter than the system it replaces. Our entire virtual booth will be decked out in our new Loox5 lighting. All-new lighting system elements being shown include updated LED strips, pucks, profiles, drivers and more. Strip lighting options offer increased lighting quality in a robust, 5 mm wide package. Additionally, the optional extrusions have expanded to include black lenses which offer subtle, diffused lighting for greater flexibility.

Storage simplicity. Open shelving perfection.
The all-new, Kesseböhmer YouK Shelf System from Häfele brings storage simplicity and open shelving perfection to projects. We will be featuring this in our office section of the virtual tradeshow booth. From kitchens and bathrooms to entertainment centers, butler’s pantries and home offices, YouK ladders make open storage easy. With conveniently sized side heights of 21 5/8 – 87 inches, the YouK system ladders can be mounted anywhere and even paired with optional adjustable feet. Its black finish easily matches styles with a variety of designs and customer-supplied shelving options. Your choice of 12 5/8” or 7 7/8” depths are available.

Going Dark is In
Making its debut in our virtual tradeshow kitchen is Fineline™ Drawer Organization in the stunning black ash finish. It’s no secret that Häfele’s Fineline product range offers unparalleled storage functionality and style. This system of compartments, components and accessories makes drawers completely customizable. From cutlery trays, dividers, knife blocks and aluminum foil holders in standard drawers to plate racks, pegboards and wine racks in deep drawers. And more. Now available in birch, walnut and the all-new black ash.

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