Your Stuff Isn’t the Problem. Where to Store it is. Häfele Has the Answer.

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 10, 2017

It’s only natural for us to collect gadgets and gizmos to make working in the kitchen more efficient. The issues arise when one too many “As Seen on TV” contraptions upset the delicate balance of things. Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of kitchen organization and architectural hardware components, is here to set things right again with an amazing array of organizational kitchen solutions that bring tranquility to all your things.

Whether it’s the need for supremely stylish pantry and pullout options, in-drawer organization or even something to keep your items in place like non-slip mats, Häfele is thinking ahead.

Häfele’s newest addition featured at KBIS are Fineline Kitchen Accessories—a Häfele patented design—which are made with a mix of warmly attractive wood and fine metal, creating a contemporary, high-end look for some of the market’s most popular pantry and blind corner pullouts units.

“Our new Fineline Kitchen Accessories flawlessly combine European and American design aesthetics into something entirely fresh and new,” explains Daniel Tripp, product manager for Häfele America Co. “This highly sought after look and design is only available through Häfele.”

Available for Häfele’s Magic Corner 1 and Magic Corner 2 base blind cabinet solutions as well as Dispensa Pantry and Base Cabinet Pullout 2 solutions, Fineline Kitchen Accessories can be customized in your choice of birch or walnut woods with stainless steel, silver or champagne brackets and hardware.

Bringing excitement and style to in-drawer organization is the incredibly modular Fineline Move. This system of cutlery boxes and multipurpose inserts allows for total flexibility in placement and styling. Available in birch and walnut finishes for regular and deep depth drawers, the deep drawer boxes have handles and are great for holding everything from bowls to spices, jars of pasta sauce and condiments.

Häfele’s Non-Slip Mats can be ordered in studded, fiber and weave textures and a variety of colors. This simple addition to any drawer or cabinet helps keeps items in place—especially useful in drawers and pullouts. Great for kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, these are a must have for designers of all spaces. When coupled with Fineline Move, they make a powerful organizational duo.

Another stylish option for organizing silverware and other drawer contents is Häfele’s Sky Cutlery Trays. These infinitely customizable inserts are available in Slate Gray or Textured White and can be cut-to-fit as well as further segmented by optional dividers which easily snap into place.   

Taking kitchen organization to a whole other level is Häfele’s new Fineline LAVIDO. Crafted specifically for the Lavido pantry system, Fineline Lavido brings a system of dividers, plate racks, wine holders and other accessories warmly fashioned in fine joinery out of birch or walnut. This unique system extends the Lavido’s functionality while bringing that desired Fineline look which designers and owners demand.