Getting Tough in the Kitchen with Häfele

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 24, 2016

To build a kitchen that lasts you need components and hardware that can withstand the constant opening, pulling, shifting and other abuse day in and day out. Well Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of kitchen organization and furniture hardware components, has you covered with a wide assortment of new, long-lasting solutions for the kitchen space.

“As designs and needs in the kitchen have shifted, our offerings have advanced to meet consumers’ demands and stay on trend,” explains Daniel Tripp, product manager for Häfele. “These quality additions to our lines are readily available, easy to install and offer years of trouble-free performance.”

Real estate in the kitchen is more precious than most. For an item to be included it has to add value and improve functionality. Häfele’s Fineline Move does this with style and modularity as a system of trays, dividers, boxes, baskets and holders to support wider and deeper drawer sizes offered in birch or walnut finishes. Coupled with new Non-Slip Mats, the duo becomes an organizing powerhouse for kitchens, bathrooms and practically any other area of the home or office.

Similar to Fineline Move is the new Lavido Convoy Rock which brings all the organizational elegance and innovation to one of Häfele’s most popular products: the Lavido Pantry Pull-Out.

Expanding the options for silverware and other drawer contents are Häfele’s new Sky Cutlery Trays. These infinitely customizable inserts are available in Slate Gray or Textured White and can be cut-to-fit as well as further segmented by optional dividers which easily snap into place.  

Moving below, base cabinets are made more functional with the addition of new Wood Roll-Out Trays featuring new, even smoother operating slides. For those seeking a more customizable solution the Base Pull-Out 2 offers entirely height adjustable storage trays and baskets now available in new finishes including white and champagne.  

Let’s talk trash: Everyone has it, not everyone can handle it. Häfele’s new Wood Frame Bottom Mount Waste Bin is available in multiple configurations and cabinet sizes for a variety of applications. The Häfele MOOVIT Pull-Out Bottom Mount Waste Bin features a double wall steel frame and updated runners available in champagne, metallic gray or metallic white finishes—best of all, it comes fully assembled from the factory.

Rounding out new waste bin offerings is the Hailo US Cargo which can be used in face frame, inset door or frameless door applications. It’s easy to install and includes a unique cover which helps to mask unsightly odors. Lastly, it’s been tested to 130,000 cycles. With these and many other products, the demanding kitchen user has officially met their match. 

About Häfele
Häfele [HAY fell leh] is a leading worldwide supplier of furniture and architectural hardware components that improve the functionality of cabinets, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and other living and working environments. LED lighting, decorative hardware, opening and closing mechanisms for doors and drawers, furniture fittings and electronic locking systems are but a few of the essential items Häfele provides to manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and construction professionals in more than 150 countries.