It’s Been Too Long: Häfele Brings Years of Innovation to IWF 2022

  • Innovation on tighter budgets? Häfele has it all for you at the IWF.
  • Well-lit, wireless storage: the Illuminated Adjustable Shelf brings innovation to shelving
  • The perfect hardware for large lifting doors is here: the Free Space 6.15 HD

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 16, 2022 – A lot’s happened since the last International Woodworking Fair was held in Atlanta in 2018. The types of projects – and the sheer volume of them – have changed as well as the products which help create them. Häfele has changed too. The company’s product mix has adapted and risen to meet the challenges many in our industry face. We’re excited to show you a broad assortment of the innovative solutions we’ve been working on since the IWF show took place. Häfele will be in booth #C1940 from Tuesday, August 23 through Friday, August 26, 2022.

“The theme of our IWF booth this year is all about solutions which add efficiency, hold the line on project budgets and bring value innovation,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “We’ll be unveiling a wide variety of products which IWF attendees have never seen before as well as solutions from a cross-section of categories which they can only find with us.”

Show visitors will see exceptionally innovative solutions on display to consider adding to their current and future projects: the all-new Loox5 Illuminated Adjustable Shelf which allows customers to reposition shelves wherever they’d like but never lose electrical contact; the Häfele-exclusive Free Space 6.15 HD is truly a heavy duty lift-up fitting, without taking up massive amounts of interior cabinet space; being shown for the first time at IWF, our Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism is available in three sizes and ideal for convertible spaces and our all-new Faux Leather Wardrobe Tubes and Faux Leather Cleat Boards raise the design of all your closet and storage projects.

Select Häfele IWF 2022 booth highlights include:

All the Shelves You Need. Even More Light.
Bringing together everything needed for illumination and storage: LED lighting, shelving, adjustability – is the innovative Illuminated Adjustable Shelf System from Häfele. Debuting at IWF 2022, this system is designed specifically for use in frameless cabinets such as closets, kitchens, entertainment centers and pantries. It features busbars integrated into the casework with recess-mounted Loox5 LED light bars installed beneath each shelf. The result is shelf-based illumination, discretely located and easily repositioned – by designers, installers and owners.

A Lift-up Fitting for Lifting Lots.
An already amazing Häfele innovation is now made even better, stronger and more versatile. Debuting at IWF 2022 is the newest member to the Free Space line – the Häfele Exclusive Free Space 6.15 HD lift-up fitting. Even stronger than the original Free Space 1.11 model, this fitting can handle door panels up to 28” high and a maximum door weight of 57 lbs. Additional fitting attributes include a shallow installation depth of 2 7/8” and integrated soft close.

Up. Down. Zzz. Up again.
Häfele’s new Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism – now offered in queen, double/full and twin sizes – is sleeker, more comfortable and features adjustability options that you won’t find with many other foldaway bed systems. The kit includes unique door brackets which allow installers to adjust the front panel and reduce the size of gaps around the frame to just a quarter inch. Additional optional accessories include paintable covers to hide the piston hardware and comfort slats to provide a more comfortable place for rest.

Elegance. Style. Faux Leather? Yes.
Bringing an elegant look and unique feel to more areas of the closet is Häfele’s new selection of faux leather-wrapped closet accessories. Working beautifully in sync with the TAG Hardware Symphony Organizer, the new Faux Leather Wardrobe Tubes and Leather-wrapped Cleat Boards are offered in the same gorgeous leather-like colors including winter, oyster and pewter. End supports and caps for both accessories are available in six TAG Hardware finishes, which seamlessly connects all storage components to the same finish used throughout the design, allowing for a completely coordinated and styled project.

Want to learn more about Häfele and our offerings for the trades? Be sure to join us in-person at booth #C1940 August 23-26, 2022 in Atlanta!