Work. Play. Rest. At KBIS Virtual 2021 with Häfele.

  • Hard work requires sufficient rest. Häfele has you covered there at Virtual KBIS 2021.
  • Desk hardware which adjusts and moves with you is a must
  • Look to the Edge Mount Charging Grommet Unit for discreet, purpose-driven power

The way many of us work changed dramatically in 2020. And then continued into 2021. It’s time for the spaces folks have carved out in their homes for work to finally include all they need to be efficient, productive and alert. That means a space which offers surfaces to work, organization to be efficient and even a place to rest. Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of office solutions and furniture hardware components, is using the Virtual KBIS 2021 show to unveil this new way of working.

Let’s start off by talking about where you’ll rest and relax: Häfele’s all-new, queen-sized Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism. This foldaway bed hardware offers some distinctive features which set it apart from other solutions on the market such as available, optional comfort slats, paintable piston and hardware covers as well as built-in adjustability to reduce the size of gaps around the panel.

“Our Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism hardware has been in development for a long time but for a very good reason — we had to ensure we were getting it right,” says Mae Holler, category manager for Häfele. “The result of all that work is a solution which hits all the right marks for designers, installers and owners too. It’s easy to work with, quick to adjust and fantastic to use and own.”

Moving to where the work happens, Häfele’s all-new Side Mounted Adjustable Table System is being displayed for the first time ever during the Virtual KBIS 2021 show. This dynamic sit-stand desk hardware allows the user to side mount the columns to panels of their choice, raise and lower the tabletop at their discretion via the included switch, as well as personalize things with four available menu presets. Also adding function and style to the desk area are Häfele’s all-new CLU Monitor Arm which frees up additional tabletop work space.

Everyone nowadays needs to ensure their mobile devices are fully charged and ready to go which is why we’ve included our Edge Mount Charging Unit from Docking Drawer in the display. Equipped with USB-C Power Delivery, these units offer 46 watts of power and can charge devices up to 70% faster.

On the wall surrounding our desk are a variety of smart options for storing everything one could possible need in the space. The TAG Hardware Omni Track system and all the product line’s associated bins, trays and holders keep files, pens and other office necessities in order and easy reach. The TAG Hardware Symphony Wall Mount Organizer adds a designer’s touch to the space and a stylish place to hang headphones, charging cables and beyond in a way which turns those things into a sort of functional art.

Cabinet storage duties in the space are efficiently and smartly handled by some rather distinctive hardware. Häfele’s new Free Space flap fitting can cover up to 80 percent of all flap applications which makes it ideal for the home office environment. Other wall cabinets feature the Hawa Clipo G-PK for Glass with optional soft close while another is outfitted with Häfele’s Slido Classic 12 IF-C for wood, adding just the right level of sophistication and style.

A home office should have space which expands to meet the needs of all the tasks at hand. Häfele’s new Pull-Out Table Fitting with Folding Leg is an amazing solution when it comes to maximizing real estate in any footprint. It can be installed in place of a drawer and when open seat up to seven people which makes it the solution to consider for the kitchen as well as home office, crafting room or other spaces. Also bringing newfound surface area to the office is Häfele’s Table Top Swivel Fitting. This unique piece of hardware allows you to be able to pull an entire table from another piece of furniture and then put it back in place when not in use.

Functional hardware solutions adding their style, movement and storage to the home office display include the Häfele-exclusive Matrix Box Slim A Drawer System, all-new Grass Nova Pro Scala Drawer System for drawer storage as well as the Salice Silentia+ Soft Close Concealed Hinge and Grass TIOMOS Hinge for cabinets with swinging doors.

All these products come together to provide an exceptional place to work, not work and relax at Häfele’s 2021 Virtual KBIS display.