Finding the Kitchen Again with Häfele at Virtual KBIS 2021

  • Fineline + Black Ash = design and storage wow
  • The Kesseböhmer YouK brings style and simplicity to open storage
  • Would you believe the latest, amazing thing for your kitchen includes canvas?

Whether they wanted to or not, many people have rediscovered their kitchen over the last year. That’s also led to a great deal of thinking about how it looks, how it functions and how the space can be designed in ways which both embrace and accommodate today, tomorrow and beyond. Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of kitchen organization and architectural hardware components, is with you on this journey — and the kitchen we’re displaying during the 2021 Virtual KBIS show proves it.

Dark finishes are in these days. And the darkest thing we have to feature is our all-new Fineline Drawer Organization System in black ash. Also available in walnut and birch, this line of products creates a contemporary, high-end look along with unparalleled storage functionality. This system of compartments, components and accessories makes drawers completely yours. From cutlery trays, dividers, knife blocks and aluminum foil holders in standard drawers to plate racks, pegboards and wine racks in deep drawers. And more.

“Being able to finally show off Fineline drawer organization in black ash to the design community is a pretty exciting moment for us,” says Henry Wrobel, category manager for Häfele. “Many know and love this range of products but felt that something like this finish was missing. We’re pretty sure the response to it will be pretty awe inspiring.”

Adding an additional bit of darkness to the display are Kesseböhmer kitchen organization products such as the LAVIDO Pantry Pull-Out, Tandem Solo Pantry Unit, Base Pull-Out II and LeMans II set for blind corners in the similarly trendy chrome/anthracite finish. Also new to the display is the Kesseböhmer Short Base Pull-Out which allows for either a roll-out tray or drawer to be placed above, bringing even more depth to storage capabilities in the space.

KBIS kitchen display storage duties beyond the cabinetry are handled by Häfele’s stylishly modular Smartcube Open Storage System which is great for kitchens, bathrooms, closets or anywhere else. Smartcube can be as small as one shelf unit on a wall, multiplied exponentially to fit any project or even paired with casework, islands or other furniture for sleekly modern open shelving. Designers can customize their projects by cutting horizontal runs to their preferred length and using their own shelving material to match their choice of black and stainless steel look finishes.

Also perfect for opening things up in kitchens and other spaces is the Kesseböhmer YouK Shelf System from Häfele. Designed as a system of ladders which accommodate any shelving material you choose, YouK can stand alone, mixed and matched to turn storage into functional art and also even pair with casework. It’s innovative in its simplicity. From kitchens and bathrooms to entertainment centers, butler’s pantries and home offices, YouK ladders make open storage easy.

Spending more time in the kitchen means drawers are opened and closed more often than before. Häfele’s unique Non-Slip Mats in the all-new canvas texture sleekly secure products in place. Great for kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, each sheet is available in a variety of sizes which can be cut to fit your specific application. A must for designers, this product works great with any drawer box configuration and provides a nice contrast of materials making it a perfect pair with Fineline Move. Also available in studded, fiber and weave textures.

Kitchens get dirty — especially kitchen floors. And that’s exactly why Häfele is proud to show off the Slimline Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum at Virtual KBIS 2021. Designed to be built into any toe kick, the Sweepovac allows users to simply sweep whatever needs to be cleaned up into a pile, activate the vacuum via the gentle press of a toe and then move on with your day. The unit comes with a reusable dust bag and features an available, optional hose.

An easy way to open practically any base pull-out is the Hailo Libero 2.0 Auto Opener, an electronic, hands-free opening mechanism. Because sometimes using your hands just isn’t an option. The mechanism operates the pull-out via a foot sensor or with an optional remote control making it ultra-friendly. It can also be used in face frame applications when the unit is blocked out. Users can even customize opening force and other features via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Bringing the contents of hard to reach places to you is simple with the Kesseböhmer iMOVE Pull Down Unit. Pulling gently on the handle delivers a perfect sequence of movement bringing the contents of the cabinet to you. With easy installation and stay-put functionality, you can pull the shelfing half-way or the entire way, it will stay put wherever you leave it, even when empty.

Handle trash, recycling or both with the Matrix Waste Bin and the Hailo Euro Cargo 45 Waste Bin from Häfele. The full extension system comes with your choice of one or two bins for all waste needs. The Portero Storage Pull-Out Unit is ideal for storing sponges, cleaning supplies and anything you may need to carry from room-to-room as it serves as a detachable cleaning caddy. The caddy nestles perfectly under the sink and fully extends for accessibility.