Full Effect: Häfele’s Loox5 LED Lighting at KBIS 2023

  • Loox5 from Häfele is the perfect design complement for all your projects
  • The Wireless Adjustable Shelf Light is convenience and illumination, unleashed
  • Select one color temperature – or any color or temp – with Multi-white & RGB options

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 31, 2023 – LED lighting in kitchens, closets, pantries and other spaces is unique in that the same light strip or fixture can serve many purposes: add ambience, bring function and all while being something which designers truly, “design” with. Häfele’s Loox5 LED lighting system is the ideal system to accomplish all this and more. It can be as simple as designers and installers need it to be – without sacrificing one bit of function – or illuminate the most complex of projects. Visitors to KBIS booth W4720 will see and experience just a bit – enough to wow them, for sure – of what Häfele’s Loox5 LED lighting system can do.

Loox5 LED lighting prominently illuminates the kitchen, pantry, closet and home office display. One of the latest solutions being shown in each vignette is the innovative Loox Wireless Adjustable Shelf Lighting System. Bringing together everything needed for illumination and storage: LED lighting, shelving, adjustability, this system can be used in framed or frameless cabinets. It features Loox5 LED light bars that are powered by narrow aluminum bus bars integrated into each side of the casework. The result is horizontal shelf illumination, discretely located and easily repositioned – by designers, installers and owners.

For those interested in getting a bit more technical, an entire tabletop display is also on hand in the booth to demonstrate how easily the system connects. These working components are highly instructive, yet simple to understand.

“Lighting has come a long way in the design community – from novelty to a must-have feature in kitchens and other spaces,” says Jake Van Wyk, Häfele America Co. category manager. “While adding function, quality LED lighting such as Loox also creates additional opportunities for activity, storage and aesthetic design. Once people see and experience it in their projects, they’ll never go back to designing in the dark.”

Loox5 Bathroom Application


Loox5 Entertainment Center Application


Loox5 Furniture Application

Loox5 Home Office Application


Loox5 Kitchen Application


Loox5 Stairs Application

Since its introduction in 2020, the Loox5 LED Lighting system has continued to evolve and adapt to the needs of the market. That has meant introducing a complete range of wireless and motion sensor switches. Also, the Loox program now includes both a preconfigured and custom light bar program using any of the profiles or ribbons in our program. No matter the size of the light bar or how many may be needed, Häfele’s Service+ program is here to help.

To learn more about the Loox5 system, be sure to visit our website at www.hafele.com, view our catalog or contact Häfele’s Lighting Design Services here.