Wants, Needs and Wow: The Story of Loox5 LED Lighting at KBIS

  • Loox5 from Häfele is a powerful way to light up everything like never before
  • New components, switching and connectivity = design freedom
  • Multi-white and RGB lighting add color and differing color temperatures to any space

Want to add design to your projects? Add Loox5 lighting. Want to add a unique design aesthetic to your projects? Add Loox5 lighting. Want to future-proof all your projects? Add Loox5 LED lighting from Häfele. For designers, the Loox5 LED Lighting system can do almost anything you imagine it to do. For installers, the system is intuitive to understand and relatively easy to install. All of this though will become much clearer as a result of all you’ll see and experience in our 2021 KBIS Virtual display.

The company’s Loox5 LED lighting is prominently featured throughout the entire display including illuminating the insides and outsides of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, closet, garage and home office displays as well as more technical, “Loox5 table” which shows working components in a more instructive display.

“For designers, Loox5 can make a world of difference in how their projects are perceived, used and interacted with,” says Jake Van Wyk, Häfele America Co. category manager. “Giving owners the ability to add light to spaces but also program and customize it as they please opens up a wide range of possibilities regarding function, aesthetics and much, much more.”

The Loox5 system is smarter, more efficient and brighter than the system it replaces. Some prominent features include:

  • NEW, narrower LED strip lights with increased lighting quality — a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  • NEW profiles for recess and surface mounting applications available in a variety of designs and finishes.
  • NEW modular and flexible distributor system to simplify planning and installation.
  • NEW drivers designed for 24/7 continuous operation.
  • NEW Bluetooth Connect Mesh networking system that offers multiple options for light control including a wireless wall switch, remote control and Häfele’s Connect Mesh App.

To learn more about the Loox5 system, be sure to visit our website at www.hafele.com, view our catalog or contact Häfele’s Lighting Design Services here.