Flexibly Brilliant: Loox LED Lighting from Häfele

  • Up. Down. Anywhere. The all-new Illuminated Wireless Adjustable Shelf System.
  • Better light quality, new strips & profiles, improved switching options and more
  • Häfele Connect Mesh brings lighting personalization to a whole other level

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 23, 2022 – We have to let you in on a little secret when it comes to LED lighting: it was never just about the light itself. The true value of a system like Häfele’s Loox5 LED Lighting System lies in its innovation but also in its infinite flexibility. Where it can cast light – and how easily it can be installed there – is sometimes just as important as the illumination itself.

The latest LED Lighting innovation being showcased during the IWF show is the all-new Loox Illuminated Wireless Adjustable Shelf System. This system is designed specifically for frameless cabinets such as closets, kitchens, entertainment centers and pantries. Busbars are integrated into the casework with recess-mounted Loox5 LED light bars installed beneath each shelf. The result is discretely located under shelf illumination that’s easily repositioned – by designers, installers and owners.

“Our Illuminated Wireless Adjustable Shelf System is a fantastic innovation which will be an ideal option for any company with any level of scale,” says Jake Van Wyk, Lighting Category Manager for Häfele America Co. “Available through our Service+ program, this product is going to make at-home customization possible for closet, kitchen and many other projects.”

The Loox5 LED Lighting System is truly an LED lighting system that’s easier to install and infinitely smarter than the system it replaces. With lighting becoming a standard in today’s homes, offices and other environments, Häfele took on the task of taking our Loox LED lighting system and making it better and more customizable than ever for your customers and projects.

At IWF, we’ll show you how Loox5 provides greater flexibility in your projects, the significant increase in performance and an updated range of new, in-demand linear lighting options.

All-new lighting system elements being shown include updated LED strips, pucks, profiles, drivers and more. Strip lighting options offer increased lighting quality in slimmer, 5 and 8 mm wide ribbons. Additionally, the extrusion profile options have expanded to include new black and stainless steel finishes for greater design flexibility.

Also included in the Loox5 line is the Häfele Connect Mesh Bluetooth network solution which, takes smart options for lighting to a new level. Combine and control Monochrome, Tunable Multi-White, and RGB Color Systems on one network meshing together all switching to one device. Working in concert with the Häfele Connect Mesh app, users can manage Häfele products throughout the home by choosing from a wireless remote, switch, or app. The app is free and available for download on iOS and Android devices.