Häfele Has You Covered for IWF 2016

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 18, 2016

The perfectly assembled cabinet. The smooth opening drawer. The shelf bracket whose performance you’ll never have to second guess. Easily installed plug and play LED lights to illuminate that walk-in closet. And the humble wood glue bottle you always keep within an arm’s reach. Throughout all these projects and more, Häfele America Co. has partnered with you the woodworker in your quest to build the best—whether by your hand or machine. And we’re bringing even more to the 2016 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) August 24 through 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. In booth 2837, we’ll prove yet again why we are the best partner the tradesman can have.

“We have a long and storied history of supporting the woodworking community with everything they need from project inception to completion,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “From the latest in LED lighting to hinges and shelf supports, barn door hardware and wood filler, our selection showcased at this year’s IWF is sure to keep that tradition going for many years to come.”

Häfele’s IWF booth presence includes both stunning, real-world vignettes of mud and laundry room and closet areas as well as hands-on displays for kitchen organization, power and data solutions, functional hardware and much, much more. Collaborators whose work bring the displays to life include industry leaders such as Bright Woodworks, Inc., Interlam, EFI and Miele USA.

Additional highlights include:

Functional Hardware, Brackets and Legs
Knowing the best hinge, drawer system box or slide, bracket or leg for your next project can be a hassle. Thankfully, Häfele is here to sweat the details and bring you the best of each for this year’s IWF show. The latest products from top-tier manufacturers such as Salice, Grass, Accuride, Aximat and beyond will be on full display for visitors to put to the test.

LED Lighting, Power and Data
Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting has quickly evolved into the system LED system of choice for the woodworking community due to its fully flexible, customizable and easy to install surface and recess mounted lights, LED ribbon and LED silicone ribbon. The ability to put efficient task, accent and ambient light practically anywhere with unique switching options has inspired innovation and brought new functionality kitchen, bath, closet and furniture design. Also on display will be the latest in power and data solutions—these aren’t just for office environments anymore.

Kitchen, Closet and Home Organization
The need to maximize space in residential areas—kitchen, closet, bath, laundry and office—has never been greater. Häfele leads the “a place for everything” effort with solutions like Fineline Move and Sky Cutlery Trays for in-drawer tidying and Häfele MOOVIT Pull-Out and the updated Hailo US Cargo waste bin systems. For closets, ENGAGE offers a whole collection of easy to install, stylish closet trays, racks, dividers and organizers that fit into any design through renovation or new construction. Featured innovations openings include the Häfele Free Lift fittings which open cabinets up as opposed to swinging out and the HAWA Concepta which expertly conceals items such as laundry machines or bar areas out of site.

Decorative Hardware and Beyond
The exclusive to Häfele Studio Collection offers an eclectic mix of handles in contemporary and transitional styles ranging in size from 32mm ctc to 320mm ctc in polished chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel look and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Also new for IWF are the traditional LaFayette, transitional Hannover and contemporary Prairie—three all-new collections of corbels, cabinet and vanity posts and furniture feet. Available in maple, cherry and special order oak wood species, these are sure to show up in numerous designs for years to come. 

To see and feel the latest innovations from Häfele for the woodworking industry in-person, visit Häfele in booth 2837 at IWF 2016.

About Häfele
Häfele [HAY fell leh] is a leading worldwide supplier of furniture and architectural hardware components that improve the functionality of cabinets, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and other living and working environments. LED lighting, decorative hardware, opening and closing mechanisms for doors and drawers, furniture fittings and electronic locking systems are but a few of the essential items Häfele provides to manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and construction professionals in more than 150 countries.