Imagine That: Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting Inspires Guest Room Greatness

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, November 12, 2017

  • Efficient and adaptable lighting, no matter the need
  • Cozy up with a good book and recharge
  • Hotels are no longer responsible for stubbed toes in the dark

No matter how weary they are from a day of travel, every hotel guest spends a few minutes checking the fit and finish of their accommodations as soon as they arrive in room. And, having just agreed to stay for however many nights, they have every right to some pretty high expectations. Let Häfele America Co., and its Loox LED Lighting system make you exceed those lofty aspirations in brilliant fashion.

From accent and task lighting to innovative strips, fixtures and pucks, Häfele’s Loox system brings something truly unique to your guest room designs. Also, installers love Häfele’s Loox lighting because it’s truly plug and play. All you need is your choice of light, a driver and a standard electrical outlet.

“If you can imagine it and see it as a benefit to your guests, the Loox LED system can do it,” said Jeff Ratkus, category manager for Häfele. “That means efficient LED lighting which comes on as soon as a drawer or closet opens, bedside reading lights with built-in USB ports or toe kick lights which safely guide unfamiliar guests to the restroom and back. And much more.”

Prominently featured at booth #162 of this year’s BDNY tradeshow will be:

Loox LED Flexible Reading Light
Ideal for integration in guest room headboards, the Loox LED Flexible Reading Light offers dual stage, goose neck bedside lighting fixtures available in Black, Chrome-Plated and Matt Silver finishes. An added benefit for those with thirsty mobile devices are the two built-in USB charging ports which allow your phones and tablets to wake up the next morning just as refreshed as you are.

Loox LED Toe Kick Light
Hotel rooms are unfamiliar ground to guests―especially in the middle of the night when one might need to wander out of bed for one reason or another. Enter the Loox LED Toe Kick Light which can be built into a bed frame or nightstand base to safely guide sleepy-eyed travelers to and from their intended destination, no matter the hour. With integrated motion detector and ambient light sensors, the toe kick light only comes on when needed and stays on for four minutes―precisely the right amount of time guests might need to get up, do what they need to do and be back in bed while the covers are still warm. Available finishes include Black and Brushed Steel.