Organized With You in Mind: The All-New Hailo Laundry Area

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, February 19, 2019

•  Nowhere to store detergent? Hear us out here. 
•  A wide array of components = custom laundry room bliss
•  Simple installation leaves everyone happy and organized

The secret to conquering laundry is simple: organization. Being able to have everything you need within reach to treat stains, store detergent, separate clothing, hang items to dry and iron clothes is what keeps the laundry room from descending into anarchy. The all-new Hailo Laundry Area from Häfele makes all this and more happen.

Customers can organize the laundry space to their specifications and needs with one stylish, well thought out system. The Laundry Area Wall Panel mounts to a sidewall and can be combined and extended with various Hailo Laundry Area components. 

“Everyone has their own way of doing things and laundry is no different,” says Pete McCurdy, Häfele category manager. “This system allows users to build a laundry and organizational experience based off of exactly how they feel this space should look, operate and function.” 

Available system accessories include foldaway drying racks, baskets, drawers, ironing board, accessory boxes, system covers with punch holes for clothes, hangers and more. All items stylishly color coordinate and match with nearly any style and design.