It’s a Mood: Häfele Brings New Emotion & Feeling to Decorative Hardware

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 21, 2020

  • Deco inspiration is everywhere — especially with Häfele
  • All-new Häfele exclusive collections make their U.S. debut
  • Designers can create their own design boards at the show

To truly understand design, you often have to be willing to look at things differently. And that’s precisely what Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of unique hardware components and solutions, did when the company revised the way designers select decorative hardware. These newly curated styles of handles and knobs will debut at KBIS 2020 in booth #SL1220 with eight, glamorized mood boards — each paired with bursts of texture, color and ambience.

Just “collections” are a thing of the past. We’ve carefully taken each handle, knob and pull and matched it with others that share the same mood. This way, the selection process is narrowed down to match the style of your design mood.

“We wanted to create something that changed the way designers experience decorative hardware,” says Greg Sheets, Häfele America Co. Category Manager. “We want to encourage designers to channel which deco piece truly matches the style, feeling and emotion of their projects.”

New additions, sure to elicit awe, including the modern Cube Collection as well as the urban/industrial-styled Textile and Bent Collections — all three are entirely exclusive to Häfele.

Also featured are the clean lines of the Venice Collection which doesn’t protrude from the cabinetry.

The all-new styles designers can explore with Häfele include:

Farmhouse style highlights a tangle of whites and weathered woods, where vintage or shabby chic elements such as a floral paper or a fancy rug complement beadboard and mullioned windows. Pulls and knobs come in warm golds, bronzes, polished nickel and even vintage-style glass.

Industrial is raw, real and rebar. Industrial design takes the wabi-sabi approach; it’s the rough edges that make things interesting. Industrial brings us smoldering greys and blacks, glass, concrete, bent steel, chapped brick and high ceilings. Metal is a mainstay. It adds to the true grit with a welded edge, a “used” look or knurly textures.

Modern decorative hardware has clean lines and hard angles. The design conjures the function-focused unity of the Bauhaus and the simple light colors of the Scandinavian schools. Predominantly neutral yet modern design surprises with a pop of color. In finishes, modern style features stainless steel, nickel or black finishes.

Mid-Century Modern. Eames. Jacobsen. Noguchi. Say the names and mid-century classics such as the egg chair appear. In over-sized pulls, saucer knobs, or supple yet subtle curves define clean, asymmetrical statement pieces. It combines bold colors, textures and patterns. Materials include golds, brushed brass and Lucite. The color palette features vivid shades of turquoise, turmeric and orange.

Classic is steadfast, sacred and cherish. Classic or traditional style is embraced as a safeguard against the mercurial fickleness of fads. Classic standards include: beveled edges, spherical turns and bail pulls. Materials include solid brass, pewter, nickel and bronze.

When you think rustic, hideaway, safe haven or off the grid comes to mind. The rustic style channels the earth; wood, stone, bronze, copper, cast iron, and stone in their raw forms.  Finishes enhance the rough textures; hammered, weathered and distressed patinas hone the organic beauty of imperfections.

Glam style spotlights bright golds and rich velvets in regal jewels tones that contrast with lavish light catchers. Pulls are paved with pavé crystals, knobs add a mod accent with glossy chrome while handles radiate the lush warmth of polished gold.

Coastal is breezy with a laid back beat. A palette of blues: ultra-marine, baby, turquoise combine with sandy whites, corals, and dune grass to ensure a relaxing environment. Materials include linens, rope and sea glass. Styles include nautical themes, anchors, ropes, shell elements and geometric patterns with bleached driftwood and polished or brush brass finishes.

Decorative hardware inspiration is everywhere in booth #SL1220 at KBIS. It’s sure to get those creative juices flowing for your next project.