Connect With Your Space at KBIS 2018 With Häfele

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 4, 2018

  • Häfele’s Loox LED lighting: yes, there’s now an app for that
  • Fineline Drawer Organization adds even more ways to be stylishly organized
  • Clothes that float, hardware which can barely be seen with Coloma

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 4, 2018 – Anyone can inhabit a space. That’s easy. Here at Häfele America Co. we choose to take a different approach with the products we offer: we want you to connect—and reconnect—with your space each and every day. And that philosophy will be on full display in booth W757 of the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) January 9 through 11 in Orlando, Florida.

“More so today than ever before designers are looking for products which connect people and their spaces,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Häfele America Co. “Whether it’s in the kitchen, bath, closet or beyond, the Häfele products at this year’s KBIS display will add functionality and bring people closer to all their spaces.”

Häfele’s KBIS booth teems with innovatively crafted lighting, hardware and organizational solutions which instantly add value to any space. From Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting which can now be controlled via a phone- or tablet-based app to three new finishes of our popular Fineline™ Drawer Organization line, our all-new Multi-Dimensional Mirror which is a must have accessory in any home and the Italian-styled Coloma Closet & Storage System, visitors will find products which inspire and influence all their current and future projects. Booth partners contributing to the display include industry leaders such as Bright Wood Works, Inc., Miele USA and Liebherr.

Select Häfele KBIS booth highlights include:

You’re Connected. And Lit Up.
Häfele Loox LED Lighting system has developed into one of the most designer-friendly systems on the market to illuminate cabinets, drawers and more. With the addition of the Häfele Connect app, all the features and functionality of the system can now be controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. The app allows for real-time, programmed and customizable control of all Loox LED lighting fixtures and components through an easy to navigate and intuitive interface. Best of all, the Häfele Connect app functionality can be easily retrofitted into any existing Loox lighting project as well as any new projects.

Five Shades of Organizational Bliss
Häfele’s Fineline Drawer Organization system now offers a total of five wood species for our tremendously popular series of cutlery trays, dividers, knife blocks and aluminum foil holders in standard drawers as well as plate racks, pegboards and wine racks in deep drawers. Previously only available in birch and walnut varieties, Fineline Drawer Organization can now also be had in cherry, mahogany and white oak.

Mirror, Mirror, Amazing
Häfele’s versatile, all-new Multi-Dimensional Bathroom Mirror features integrated touch-keys allowing the mirror to switch from warm to cool make-up lighting, aesthetically pleasing backlighting and more. Touch buttons activate an anti-fogging function to prevent condensation on the mirror during and after a shower. The mirror even has an integrated Bluetooth-enabled sound system. The easy-to-install, IP44-rated mirror is available in three sizes including 3’ x 2’ (900 x 600mm), 3’ x 3’ (900 x 900 mm) and 4’ x 3’ (1200 x 900 mm).

Organization Anywhere
Häfele’s new Coloma Closet & Storage System is a concealed, floating system ideal for closets, entertainment centers and other casework storage needs. With a stylish, sleek design, Coloma cleverly hides mounting hardware and brackets either behind shelves and drawers or within very narrow, vertical mounting channels. The system is ideally suited for practically any configuration—from space constrained applications to those where storage needs and real estate are widely abundant.

Want to learn more about Häfele and our offerings for designers? Be sure to visit us in booth #W757 at KBIS 2018 in Orlando, Florida.