Laundry Their Way: All-New Hailo Laundry Area

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 22, 2018

  • Convenience. Functionality. Laundered.
  • Easy to install. How they want it.
  • A variety of system accessories to choose from

Laundry. Meet your match. The all-new Hailo Laundry Area from Häfele offers a place to store, dry and iron laundry in one convenient, organized space.

Customers can organize the laundry space to their specifications and needs with one stylish, well thought out system. The Laundry Area Wall Panel mounts to a sidewall and can be combined and extended with various Hailo Laundry Area components.

“This sturdy, practical design for everyday use gives the customer the opportunity to personalize their laundry space exactly the way they want,” says Daniel Tripp, Häfele category manager. “With so many components to choose from, designers and homeowners can make the space entirely their own.”

Available system accessories include foldaway drying racks, baskets, drawers, ironing board, accessory boxes, system covers with punch holes for clothes, hangers and more. All items stylishly color coordinate and match with nearly any style and design.