In the Office: Let Häfele Hardware Do All the Hard Work For You

  • Pull-out table. Swiveling tabletop. Height adjustable desk hardware. All in one display.
  • The space-saving foldaway bed hardware both designers and installers will love
  • Discover Symphony Duet Surface: Low profile design. High-functioning storage

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 31, 2023 – Fold down. Lift-up. Pull-out. Swivel around. An office built with Häfele hardware is a space that works just as hard, if not harder, than those who occupy it. Every tabletop, drawer, cabinet, cubby has been designed and outfitted with components which bring motion, purpose and organization to ensure productivity is also met with comfort. At KBIS 2023, visitors to booth W4720 will find they too can make their clients feel at home in their home office – with a little help from Häfele.

“Functionality and flexibility. These are the key ingredients to a well-balanced, harmonious home office design,” says Mark Kamppinen, Director – Category Management for Häfele. “The office solutions being showcased at KBIS 2023 embody both of these characteristics and highlight Häfele’s focus on providing hardware which not only keeps up with today’s modern work demands, but also easily adapts to those of the future as well.”

Possibly the hardest-working hardware in the display is Häfele’s diverse range of table fittings. The newest addition is the Cocktail Pull-Out Table. This space-saving mechanism allows you to fit a pull-out table into a standard drawer space. The hardware comes in various sizes and supports up to 60 kg (132 lbs.) of evenly-distributed weight. Back with a sleek new update is the Essential 2 Electric Adjustable Table Base. This cost-effective system now includes a collision mitigation sensor which helps prevent interference while the table is in motion. Additional updates include new control pad styles: a simple up/down switch or a customizable 4-setting programmable switch. The hardware is available in black, silver or white and supports up to 250 lbs., including a customer-supplied desktop. Bringing more function and motion to furniture designs is the Table Top Swivel Fitting. This dynamic hardware allows you to pull an entire table from another piece of furniture by smoothly swiveling the tabletop out and to the side. This allows one piece of furniture to serve two functions – sideboard and table – without restricting or limiting access to the storage space inside the cabinet.

Cocktail Pull-Out Table


Essential 2 Electric Adjustable Table Base


Table Top Swivel Fitting


Keeping office supplies organized and at hand above the tabletop is the new double-bar TAG Hardware Symphony Duet Surface Mount Organizer. This sleek, extremely versatile system offers endlessly adjustable storage with its stylish, faux leather-wrapped horizontal bars and add-on storage accessories such as hooks, paper trays, pencil holders, storage containers and more – all of which can be switched out or moved around whenever storage needs change.


The rooms in our homes – especially the home office – are tasked with doing more these days. Adding foldaway bed hardware is one of the most efficient ways to improve the functionality and value of the design. Adding Häfele’s Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism means you get all of that plus added style, flexibility and comfort. Now available in queen, full and twin sizes – these designer- and installer-friendly wall bed kits offer some distinctive features which set the hardware apart from others such as optional comfort slats, paintable piston and hardware covers, as well as built-in adjustability to reduce the size of gaps around the panel.


Cabinet storage duties in the space are efficiently and smartly handled by some rather distinctive hardware. Häfele’s new Free Space 1.8 Push to Open lift-up fitting makes cabinet openings even sleeker – effortlessly lifting doors with a single tap. Other wall cabinets feature the Hawa Clipo G-PK for Glass with optional soft close while another is outfitted with Häfele’s space-saving Slido F-Line21 12C sliding door system.

Free Space 1.8 Push to Open


Hawa Clipo G-PK for Glass


Slido F-Line21 12C


Functional hardware solutions adding their style, movement and storage to the home office display include the Häfele Exclusive Matrix Box Slim A Drawer System, Grass Nova Pro Scala Drawer System for drawer storage as well as the Salice Silentia+ Soft Close Concealed Hinge and Grass TIOMOS Hinge for cabinets with swinging doors.

Matrix Box Slim A Drawer System


Grass Nova Pro Scala Drawer System

Salice Silentia+ Soft Close Concealed Hinge


Grass TIOMOS Hinge