Wizardry? No. Smart? Yes.

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, February 19, 2019

  • Häfele’s smart home innovations bring a bit of magic to any space
  • Light fixtures and switch options for any application with Loox
  • Easy to design with. Easy to install. Easy to own.

We’ve all experienced it: a sense of awe and wonder at something we’ve witnessed but don’t believe to be real. As if it were magic. But what if it were possible to bring that sense of wonder and imagination to your everyday life? Would you do it? Where would you start? The answer is with Häfele at KBIS booth C8916.

Häfele is always thinking ahead, and with the addition of the Häfele Connect app, any current or future Loox lighting installation can be easily controlled by a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet—a system like never before. 

“The advancements that have been made in the technology and design capabilities of our Loox products are the things we used to see in sci-fi movies,” said Jeff Ratkus, category manager for Häfele. “The connected home isn’t the future though, it’s here now with these products.”

Now available in the Android and iOS app stores, the Häfele Connect app allows users to easily bring smart home technology to their home and work spaces. The app allows for real-time, programmed and customizable control of all Loox LED lighting fixtures and components through an easy to navigate and intuitive interface. Whether on a tablet or smartphone, the Häfele Connect App will make all current and future Loox LED installations smarter and enormously more functional.


In KBIS booth C8916, the combination of the Häfele Connect app and the Häfele BLE Box—the hardware that makes the magic possible—means that lighting in cabinets, drawers and cubbies in any space can be infinitely customized and personalized. Whatever the fixture, color temperature or color, it can be controlled with a simple swipe of the finger from your device.

With an LED lighting system as designer-friendly as Loox, KBIS 2019 visitors will also experience the additional below highlights:

The Brightest, Boldest Kitchen
Opening a drawer and having it immediately light up and then turn off when closed adds convenience and functionality—as well as wow. The same goes for pantries, cabinetry and any other darkened recess of the kitchen space. Under counter lights? Of course Loox can do that. All elements can be brought together to ensure years of brilliant, reliable and efficient performance for you and your customers.

Know That Your Socks Match Your Outfit
Being able to integrate Loox strip lighting, pucks and fixtures into closet designs is a game changer for you and your clients. With the range of color temperatures available with Loox, it means that colors on the hanger and in pull-outs and drawers are as true in your closet as they will be when you step outside. Every time. Have items you’d like to highlight or call attention to? Add a Loox Glass Edge Profile light for accent and awe.

Shine the Light You Want Where You Want
Whether it’s a child’s little league trophy case, your collection of top shelf spirits or the album collection you’ve tireless collated, Loox is an ideal system for illuminating your particular sources of pride and joy. With the addition of innovative switching options such as a Loox Touch Dimmer or Loox Door Switch, you can add and control light in any scenario at any time. With plug and play installation, it’s also easy to place anywhere a standard outlet can be found or installed.

Our Design or Yours Is Just Fine
Häfele’s Loox Lighting System is easy to use, if you’re looking for inspiration, Häfele offers complimentary Lighting Design Services for customers. From lighting a simple cabinet to entire kitchens, homes and other spaces, our team of expertly-trained lighting designers know lighting better than anyone else. Simply give our team a call or upload a drawing on our website to get started.