Multi-Dimensional Bathroom Mirror: We Thought of Everything

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 9, 2018

  • Accent. Make-up. Anti-fog. Sound.
  • A finished consumer product your customers will love
  • Sleekly designed touch keys complete the package

Give your designs the perfect touch in the bath, vanity or closet areas with Häfele’s Multi-Dimensional Mirror. Beautifully designed with integrated touch-keys, the mirror adds value, functionality and style to any project.  

This versatile mirror allows the user to switch from warm to cool make-up lighting, background lighting to add accent and personality and more! One touch activates an anti-fogging function to prevent condensation on the mirror during and after a shower. It can also act as a sound system when linked with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

“This mirror is perfect for the bathroom because it gives the user everything they could want in the space,” says Jeff Ratkus, category manager for Häfele. “This product brings with it an amazing design, rich features and even entertains users.”


The easy-to-install, IP44-rated mirror comes fully-assembled with a mounting track for installation. Integrated touch keys also make this unit easy to clean and maintain by homeowners. With the option of horizontal or vertical mounting, it’s the perfect fit for any taste or style. Available in three sizes including 3’ x 2’ (900 x 600 mm), 3’ x 3’ (900 x 900 mm) and 4’ x 3’ (1200 x 900 mm).