Power & Function: From the Office to Everywhere

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, February 19, 2019

  • Keep devices charged. Always.
  • Sit? Stand? How about both?
  • Tables and TVs which appear when you need them is now reality

Imagine an office space that was completely centered around the person occupying it, putting them in a state of connectivity and focus to achieve everything they’ve wanted to complete in a day’s work. With Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers in furniture hardware components and charging solutions, that same philosophy can now be applied practically anywhere.

Having the ability to charge devices anywhere and everywhere has quickly rose to a need in our everyday lives. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office having a USB port, grounded outlet or a GFCI outlet for wet areas is expected.

“Never going without a charge is a luxury in itself but being able to conceal the charge takes it to a new level,” explains Steve Hubbard, category manager for Häfele. “Making these charging solutions a standard for projects is what every designer should strive for.”

The Docking Drawer Blade family allows for a stylishly designed standard or GFCI outlet to be discreetly hidden within a drawer, no matter the room. This means there’s no countertop clutter, just fully charged devices and happy device owners. Häfele’s Hide-A-Dock outlets can be built into almost surface, mounted vertically or horizontally and reliably power phones, tablets, laptops or other devices.

Whether located in the home or a commercial building, offices have changed a great deal in recent years. Adjustable Table Systems from Häfele allow work surfaces in any room to electronically raise and lower based on your needs—be it a desktop, countertop or sideboard. Whether you’re sitting or standing this hardware will work at your level.

Häfele’s Pivot Table hardware allows you to essentially pull a desk out from another piece of furniture making it ideal for spaces which don’t often present as offices or multifunction areas which need to pull double duty. Be sure to round out the display with one of Häfele’s Electronic TV Lift which allows televisions and monitors to raise and lower out of casework, cabinetry or other spaces. No matter your space, its future is sure to be a functional one.