No Project is Ever “One-Size-Fits-All;” Service+ from Häfele Is Here to Help

  • A wide range of custom solutions for all of your projects
  • Service+ is set up to support manufacturers and makers of all sizes
  • Custom spice racks, light bars, wardrobe tubes, HEWI grab bars and beyond

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 23, 2022 – Custom. Tailored. Made-to-order. Not every project you work on is the same. The truth is that projects – kitchens, closets, built-ins and much more – need to match space which is rarely ordinary. The same goes for the components which encompass these projects. Enter Häfele’s custom solutions – now known as Service+ – which will be on prominent display as part of the 2022 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in booth #C1940.

Whether the need is custom packaging, made-to-specification Loox LED light bars, cut-to-size wardrobe tubes or even custom spice racks, Häfele’s Service+ is all about bringing convenience to manufacturing, on-site construction or even giving customers the tools and components they need to handle things themselves.

“The concept of Häfele’s Service+ is simple – offer more and add value,” says Greg Allen, Engineering and Production director for Häfele. “Custom projects deserve convenient, custom solutions – that’s exactly what Service+ is all about. Service+ offers a broad range of versatile products which improve efficiency and project planning.”

So, what does that mean by industry? Well, quite a bit when you begin to explore the options. In support of the Kitchen, Closet & Home Office space, Service+ offers the following customized solutions:

  • Cabinet doors and drawer fronts – wood and aluminum-framed glass
  • Drawers – wood and Matrix metal drawer system
  • Roller shutters – aluminum and glass
  • Wardrobe tubes – steel and aluminum
  • Table legs
  • Drawer organizer inserts
  • Assembled & ready to install waste bin pull-out units
  • On-demand assembly of custom spice racks
  • Non-slip mats

For those working in Commercial, Office & Architectural, Service+ means customized:

  • Sliding door track and drop seals
  • Finished glass door rails
  • Sliding door applications – wood, glass and metal
  • Sliding doors and room dividers
  • Table legs, with casters or levelers
  • HEWI grab bars
  • Ready-to-install 120 kg soft close mechanisms

Additionally, Service+ also offers packaging to specification as well as kit packaging for cabinet & builder’s hardware. Many of these solutions will be available for IWF attendees to experience in-person at Häfele’s booth.