To Have and to Hold: Shelving Options from Häfele for the Long Haul

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 24, 2016

For many of us, our needs are simple: If we put something on a shelf we need it to stay there until we pick it back up again. Regardless of the shelving material or environment. Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of furniture and decorative hardware components, hears you, lovers of durable, hearty shelving hardware solutions.

To start, a mathematical thought: 3mm > 5mm. The 5mm shelf support has been around for a long time. And it works great. But Häfele’s 3mm shelf is better.

“The 3mm system can actually sustain more weight than other 5mm systems due to its twin tooth anchoring system,” explains Jon Farlow product manager for Häfele. “Also, it simply looks better. That line of 3mm holes in casework is almost imperceptible—especially when compared to the usual 5mm holes.”

The twin tooth anchoring design actually makes the German engineered and manufactured 3mm shelf supports grip more as the weight placed on the shelf increases. Available in a variety of designs for both wood and glass shelving, the 3mm shelf support system is guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free performance—something your shelves will thank you for.

Also new to Häfele’s shelving options are Work Surface Brackets for fixed height shelves, countertops and desks or customized workstations. These work well in any residential or commercial location where stability and sustainability are required. Available in eight sizes ranging from 5” x 8” to 24” x 29”, these brackets are stocked in stainless steel or powder-coated black or white and available for special order in almond or gray finishes. Weight capacities are an impressive 1,420 lbs. to 2,520 lbs. depending on the size.  

About Häfele
Häfele [HAY fell leh] is a leading worldwide supplier of furniture and architectural hardware components that improve the functionality of cabinets, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and other living and working environments. LED lighting, decorative hardware, opening and closing mechanisms for doors and drawers, furniture fittings and electronic locking systems are but a few of the essential items Häfele provides to manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and construction professionals in more than 150 countries.