Class. Style. Order. The Pantry Gets an Elegant Upgrade at KBIS 2023.

  • Extend access. Enhance aesthetics. A Custom Library Ladder from Häfele can do both.
  • Intoxicating organization: Discover all the stylish ways we store wine in the pantry
  • Stored above, but always in sight. Twister provides a 360-degree view of upper cabinets.

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 31, 2023 – To some, the pantry might be treated as the storage closet of the kitchen. A plain space with shelves for canned goods and maybe a hook or two for the broom and dustpan. Here at Häfele, we see the pantry as an extension of the kitchen – equal in function, style and usability – and we’re prepared to prove it with the incredibly classy storage and organizational options, as well as custom project solutions we’re showcasing at KBIS 2023.

Let’s talk about the custom side of things first – because the beautifully crafted white oak, quarter-sawn, bent-style Library Ladder is one of the first things you’ll see when you step into our pantry display. Featuring matt white hardware with sunburst wheels, this designer ladder is just one of the many examples of what Häfele’s Service+ program can do for your projects.

“Our Library Ladder program offers amazing custom options for designers and is an easy way for them to add more functionality and beauty to any space,” says Mae Holler, category manager for Häfele. “We say it’s easy because once designers make their style, finish and hardware selections, the ladder is built and shipped to them fully finished and ready to install.”

When it comes to wine storage, we handle this organizational task with a custom approach as well. Reds, whites, rosés – bottles of all shapes and sizes have a stylish home with Häfele’s three easy-to-install wine storage options. The Wine Post stores and displays wine bottles so the label can be prominently displayed from the front. Each individual post is threaded and can be expanded to store 1, 2 or even 3 wine bottles at once. With the Wine Peg, you can view bottles with a compact, neck-out design that fits more bottles in a small space. O-rings help cushion and grip the bottles and are designed for Bordeaux and burgundy-shaped bottles. Parallel Rods store and display wine bottles so the label can be viewed from the front while the rods span between two vertical substrates. This solution accommodates multiple cabinet depths and bottle types while allowing flexible design options, such as the pull-out shelves displayed in our pantry vignette. Each wine storage option is showcased in silver finish and is also available in black and matt gold finishes as well.

Wine Posts


Wine Pegs


Parallel Rods


Accompanying our wine bottle fittings is the perfect add-on cabinet accessory – the all-new Wire Stemware Racks. These storage racks accommodate most glass styles and are designed to hold a single row of wine glasses, champagne flutes or stemmed beer glasses – suspending them from the base of the glass. Available in chrome or matt black finishes, these racks are easy to install and mount with just two screws – one at the front and back.

Wire Stemware Rack - Chrome


Wire Stemware Rack - Black


Bringing more function, order and accessibility to pantry corners – including both upper and base cabinets – are the Kesseböhmer Twister Three-Tray Set for Upper Cabinets and the LeMans II Blind Corner Pull-Out Unit. Twister is an angled upper corner wall cabinet storage solution which features an offset post – allowing maximum use of shelf space, as well as unobstructed access to items stored on shelves. It revolves effortlessly around the inside of the cabinet, providing a complete view of storage items, before rotating back to the front with a smooth finish. Twister is available in two and three-shelf set options – pairing with our height-adjustable, non-slip Arena Plus Trays. Most kitchen designers are familiar with the sleek and stylish LeMans II Blind Corner Pull-Out. Intentionally modeled with elegant bends and curves, the modern LeMans II is designed to swing out in front and to the side for complete access to everything stored inside, while the integrated soft-close mechanism ensures a steady, smooth return back into the corner of the cabinet. Offered in both right and left-swinging applications, the LeMans II is the perfect corner solution for any project with framed or frameless base cabinets.

Kesseböhmer Twister Three-Tray Set for Upper Cabinets


LeMans II Blind Corner Pull-Out Unit


Other display highlights include:

Loose, bulk produce has a designated home in the pantry with Häfele’s new Root Vegetable Drawers. These deep pull-out drawers feature a mesh hole pattern to allow airflow and breathability created specifically for bulk veggies like radishes, potatoes, onions and more. They’re also easy to remove and clean as seasonal storage needs change.

Roll-out trays are a great solution for increasing storage in the pantry – and Häfele’s own Matrix Box P50 internal drawers are a reliable, stylish and affordable option. Offering heavy-duty weight capacities of 110 lbs. or 154 lbs., the Matrix Box P line features style-matched front panels in all three coordinating finishes – white, champagne and anthracite via special order.


Wire Closet Baskets provide additional storage and accessibility in the pantry – as well as high visibility of items stored inside. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, our wire baskets feature a sloped front and come with full extension slides for easy access and even easy removal for portability, if needed. Add-on accessories like plastic and cloth basket liners are also available.


A stylish and organized pantry isn’t complete without elegant storage hooks to match. Our Synergy Elite Cleat Hooks are available in six stunning finishes and multiple styles – providing the perfect balance of fashion and function. Both the Double Hook and Broom Holder Hook keep cleaning tools like brooms, mops and dustpans organized and off the floor.