Inspired furniture designs deserve innovative selection of hardware and connectors.

We stand with the visionaries—the bold thinkers, designers and craftsmen within the furniture making industry. After all, iconic vision needs the right hardware to put it all together.  

Häfele has been providing high quality furniture hardware and connectors to the woodworking industry for 90+ years. In fact our specialty is all the little “invisibles” which the end user of your furniture may take for granted. And, ensure that the parts, components and supplies you need to bring your design vision to life are up to your exacting standards.

The Rafix. The Maxifix. 5 mm shelf support systems. 3 mm shelf support systems. We have all the hardware you need to bring your design from the page to reality. From furniture hardware for businesses or home, be they bookshelves, media storage centers, office or other specialized storage, Häfele has both the furniture supplies you use every day and those not-so-easy-to-locate specialty items.

In addition to having one of the widest available inventories of furniture hardware and supplies, all our connectors are engineered and tested to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards for durability, quality and consistency of finish. You can order with peace of mind knowing the connectors Häfele sells are built to stand the test of time—just like the furniture you design and build.


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Whether you need them in quantities of one, five or 50,000, we’ve got what you need. And our Häfele -to-Order or H-to-O program allows us to package the exact hardware you need in select quantities and drop ship to various locations of your choosing—precisely when you need it.