Sliding Solutions

In a micro-living setting, sliding door hardware from Häfele can offer many different, yet cohesive functions: separation, movement, privacy and more. Areas of the micro-living project can be completely transformed with the simple pull of a handle and side-to-side motion of a door. For example, one door can alternate between covering a pantry and then a lavatory entrance. Or hide a television and personal effects and then close over a hall. Don’t take our word for it though – designers have been adding creative elements like these with our sliding door hardware for years.


Wood Door Sliding Solutions

The addition of wood to a space often brings warmth and stability. When paired with sliding door hardware from Häfele, it can also bring openness, flexibility and sleek lines to a space. The simple fact is that micro-living projects thrive on hiding one function while another is in use. And our Wood Door Sliding Solutions – with a wide range of economical to high-end options – are the ideal way to accomplish that and more.

Glass Door Sliding Solutions

Using sliding glass doors in a micro-living project can bring a wide variety of benefits. The space can be divided, yet much more open to natural lighting. Employing frosted glass doors can give you a unique design aesthetic which can be picked up by other elements throughout the space. And sliding door hardware from Häfele can give all of it function, movement and style.