Häfele Dealers and Resellers

Please review the list of Topics below.  If you can't find an answer here please contact our Customer Service team at 800.423.3531.

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Does Häfele offer products through a Dealer network?

Hafele America Co. maintains a vast network of Dealers and Resellers in most areas of the country. In addition, Häfele products can be purchased through authorized online resellers. You may contact our Customer Service team for further details.

Is there a Häfele Dealer in my area?

If you would like to find a Häfele Dealer in your area, you can access our Häfele Dealer page. Contact us with any specific questions regarding dealers and resellers of our products.

How do I find Internet resellers of your products?

Hafele has many Internet resellers of our products.  Many offer a specific category of products like decorative hardware or LED lighting. You may find a list of these resellers here. Or you may wish to contact our Customer Service team with specifc questions regarding our eResellers.