Häfele Customer Accounts

Please review the list of Topics below.  If you can't find an answer here please contact our Customer Service team at 800.423.3531.

This section will provide information on how to setup and manage your Häfele Online Account.


I already have an Account with Häfele - how do I get online access?

You may already have an Account with Häfele America Co. - but do not have a Login to our website. Just fill in your information, including your Account number on our Registration page. We will send you Login information so that you may view pricing and order online.

How do I get a Login and Password to the online store?

If you are new to Häfele and do not have an Account for our online store you can request a new Account on our Registration page.  By providing us basic information about your business we can setup an account for your online access.

You may also request Credit Terms if you wish. Just fill in our Credit Application and email or Fax to us. We will contact you once approved. This will allow you to charge orders to your account on our website.

How do I view pricing and availability of Häfele products?

Once you have a Häfele Account, you can view pricing and availability of our products, as well as place orders.  Pricing and availability will be shown on the Product Detail Page - as well as in your Shopping Cart.

How do I setup Co-Users on my Häfele Account?

The main user in your company will be set up as the Administrator of the Häfele online Account. He or she can then set up any number of Co-Users under that same Account.  This will enable the Admin to assign individual usernames and passwords.

The Admin User can determine the appropriate level of access for each Co-User. For example, the Admin may provide "View Only" access to a User - eliminating the option of actually placing an Order.  You can see all of these options in the User Management section of your Account.

How do I manage Co-Users of my Häfele online store Account?

After logging in as the Admin of your Account - go to MyAccount menu and select the User Management function. Now you can add and modify Co-Users to your account. After providing the basic information about this new user you can also set preferences for this user.

> Allowed to view pending purchase orders?
This allows the Co-User to view ALL pending purchase orders - orders that have been placed with Häfele in the past.

> Allowed to view shipping details?
This allows the Co-User to view ALL shipping details on previously placed orders.

> Allowed to order?
This option provides for the Co-User to place an Order.  If the Admin does not allow a Co-User to place orders they will still be able to build Shopping Carts and Wish List.

> Which price will be displayed?
Häfele’s website allows you to set various price levels that a Co-User can see when they access the website.

> What is Sales price markup (%) added to net price?
If you want to show your net price, plus a mark-up, you can set that percentage here.

> Allowed to access Wish Lists of other users of the Account?
This provides permission for the Co-User to view other Wish Lists created by others on your Häfele Account.

How do I change the Account Password to the online store?

Please contact Häfele Customer Service at 800.423.3531 and request this update. An email will be sent that provides a new Password to your Account.

Can I apply for Credit Terms?

Yes, you may request Credit Terms for your Häfele America account.  Just fill in our Credit Application and email or Fax to us.  We will contact you once approved. This will allow you to charge online orders to your Account.

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