Placing Orders with Häfele

Please review the list of Topics below. If you can't find an answer here please contact our Customer Service team at 800.423.3531.

And thanks for choosing Häfele!


What happens after I Place an Order on the website?

Within moments of placing your order online, you will receive an Order Confirmation that recaps not only the items you’ve ordered, but also when the order will ship.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Place Order’ we won’t be able to make any changes or additions to your order. However, our Customer Service staff will be glad to work with you on managing your order.

We invite you to chat with us while browsing our website. You can find this feature in the top right corner of our website. This feature is helpful if you need assistance in selecting the correct product or make shipping arrangements that are not available via the website.

How can I pay for my online Order?

If you are set up as an Invoice customer your online Order will be charged to your Account using your current credit terms. If you are setup as a Credit Card account you will need to add or select a credit card.  You will only see one of these two options.

Can I upload Items from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet file?

Yes - you can upload a list of Items from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. However, you will need to add these Items to the Cart to verify if the Items are available from our warehouse.

LIMIT:  50 Items

For more information on how to upload items see our Getting Started - Uploading Items page.

Can I directly enter Items into my Cart if I know the Item Number?

Yes - when you select the "Direct entry" tab in the top right navigation bar you will view a sub-screen that allows you to key in Items that you would like to Order.  We will verify each Item availability and add it to your Shopping Cart. You may enter as many items as you wish.  For more information see our Getting Started Guide.

Do I have to Register to your site to be able to place Orders?

Yes - you must be a Registered User of the site to be able to place Orders on our website.  By Registering for our site you will be able to see your discounted price as well as availability of Items you wish to purchase directly from Hafele.