The Häfele Solutions Center

Many of the products Häfele America Co. offers are all about solving problems and pain points for designers, architects, builders, owners and beyond – in many instances problems that people didn’t even know they had. Our solutions center has been created as a product library for your reference. 


How can I easily bring order to spices and other kitchen staples?
The Pull-Out Spice Rack exclusively from Häfele is made specifically for upper cabinets and ideal for keeping your favorite flavors close to cooking and prep areas. Constructed of textured polycarbonate, stainless steel and birch, these attractive units install in under five minutes and are available for 18” or 24” cabinet widths. Product information on the Pull-Out Spice Rack can be found here.
How can I extend space in kitchens, laundry areas or elsewhere?

With the growing need for more space to do everyday tasks, consumers are looking to have things in their home serve multiple uses — all while keeping a clean, uncluttered look. Pull-Out Table Systems from Häfele are a perfect solution which can be installed in place of a drawer or between two cabinets in any room throughout the home.  A Pull-Out Table System in the kitchen can be installed discreetly in place of a drawer or between two cabinets. Extend kitchen prep space when needed or add an informal dining area. A Pull-Out Table System in the closet, laundry room or mudroom can be an easy to access folding station or temporary holding area. Product information on the Pull-Out Table System can be found here.

How can I keep larger, wooden doors from twisting or warping?

The Planofit Door and Panel Straightener from Häfele brings stability and rigidity to your next sliding wood door installation. Planofit hardware fits into any new door or can be retrofitted into an existing project. It’s available in black or white finishes and works for door thickness up to 16 mm (5/8") and door heights up to 2,650 mm (104 5/16"). Product information on the Planofit  hardware from Häfele can be found here.

How can I easily raise or lower roll-outs or drawers based on my custom needs?

Incorporating the X-Series Bracket System into cabinetry projects allows for simple, interchangeable and tool free adjustability. Needs change and storage solutions should keep up. With a slide/swing motion the slides are disengaged from the pilasters and conveniently moved up or down to accommodate items being stored. X-Series Bracket Kits are available in standard, full or pantry heights with pilaster widths of 1-1/4” or 2-1/2”. They can be stacked or cut to any height and clear the face frame hinges making installation a breeze. Product information on the X-Series Bracket System from Häfele can be found here.



How can I incorporate more storage into my projects?

The Bench Seat Hinge from Häfele is the hardware solution that turns any bench into a design and storage triumph. Whether you’re building a bench in a kitchen, closet, mudroom or elsewhere, don’t miss a storage opportunity. The hinge design offers 110 mm (4 5/16”) of forward movement with an unrestricted opening even with fully upholstered seats. The incorporated hinge joints prevent the open seat from slamming against the fitting and ensures a safe retention of the seat top. Product information on the Bench Seat Hinge from Häfele can be found here.


How can I add a convenient spot to hang outfits and other items?

Sometimes you just need a convenient place to hang an outfit for the next day, dress or shirt to coordinate with other elements or even a jacket so you can simply grab and go. The TAG Hardware Synergy Elite Valet Pin from Häfele comes out when you need it and easily retracts back into partitions when not in use. With a weight capacity of 5 lbs. and a 1 ¾” extension, it’s an easy upsell to build into any closet or storage project. Available finishes include matt aluminum, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, matt gold, matt nickel and slate. Product information on the TAG Hardware Synergy Elite Valet Pin from Häfele can be found here.


How can I hide large objects like appliances or countertops?

Built to handle the rigors of large and heavy wooden doors, the HAWA Concepta and Folding Concepta hardware from Häfele are perfect for any project. Mounted alongside cabinets or into wall recesses, the uniquely designed hardware set virtually eliminates cabinet doors from view when opened and pocketed. HAWA Concepta is available for door heights ranging from 4' 1 3/16" to 9' 4 3/16" and door weights from 55 to 110 lbs. Product information on the HAWA Concepta and Folding Concepta from Häfele can be found here.


How can I add hooks to my projects which match closet hardware and other components?

Häfele’s selection of TAG Hardware Cleat Hooks means never having to search out a stylish place for your things or reach too far. This product range includes a Tie Hook (also ideal for jewelry), Belt Hook, Coat Hook & Compact Coat Hook, Double Hook, Waterfall Hook and Broom Holder which are all designed to bring utility purpose and style to your designs. Best of all, they match the design and finish of Häfele’s most popular closet and storage lines. Product information on the selection of TAG Hardware Cleat Hooks from Häfele can be found here.