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Customize your closet designs with Häfele's Inception Vinyl.

The look of leather - minus the expense. The Inception Vinyl from Häfele program gives closet designers the ability to customize the look and design of a wide range of components - including countertops, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, shelves, insert panels and drawer liners - while staying true to their customer’s budget needs. This beautifully crafted product is available in two elegant textures and 16 amazing color options. That means cabinet doors in Honey Cake, a warm, yet light brown or a waterfall design countertop in Alabaster are within reach for any of your designs. (Please note that the waterfall countertop, while stunning, is only available by special request.)

Inception Vinyl constructed of durable, responsibly sourced material which is resistant to wear, staining and abrasion. It’s also easy to maintain and keep looking great with regular household cleaner.

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