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Recycled Leather Veneer (RLV) by EcoDomo

The perfect closet — one which functions exactly as it should, offers all the storage you need and has an eternal design aesthetic — is the sum of all the right components. Häfele’s Leather Components by EcoDomo program allows closet designers to make their organization and storage projects truly custom. This program allows designers to create custom leather doors, drawer fronts, shelves, liners and countertops that are made to exact specification in a variety of unique colors and textures.

Leather Components come in a variety of stylishly unique colors and textures and the product is durable and easy to maintain. So whether you need drawer fronts or shelves in Antique Grey Walrus or drawer liners in Bianco Crocodile — or both! — Leather Components are the perfect addition to your forever closet.

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