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Custom, sliding door hardware from Häfele is ideal for your coplanar and pocket door hardware projects.

Swinging cabinet doors are great. They’re just not always great for every project. Many projects could benefit from adding a premium coplanar or pocket door from our Finetta line. Finetta sliding door hardware from Häfele are ideal for applications needing doors to sit flush in the closed position. Each solution below ensures smooth door operation with integrated soft opening and closing. All this for doors up to 154 lbs.

Finetta F-Flush54 70A 2 Doors (Salice Slider L70 2 Doors)

The Finetta F-Flush54 70A system from Häfele is designed to operate two especially heavy doors in a smooth, light motion. This fitting is ideal for bedroom and closet wardrobes or any other large cabinets. The hardware is designed to work with wood or metal frame doors weighing up to 154 lbs. each.

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Finetta F-Flush54 70A 3 Doors (Salice Slider L70 3 Doors)

The Finetta F-Flush54 70A system from Häfele three door version is unique in its ability to flawlessly operate long runs of very heavy doors in a closet or wardrobe setting.

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Finetta F-Flush53 35A (Salice Slider M35)

A coplanar system designed for full-height cabinet doors, the Finetta F-Flush53 35A from Häfele is ideal for pantries, entertainment areas and beyond. The hardware can accommodate doors weighing up to 77 lbs. (35 kg) each.

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Finetta F-Flush53 35B (Salice Slider M35 Top)

The Finetta F-Flush53 35B from Häfele is a hardware rooted in versatility. This system can be used to open two identical coplanar doors or a single sliding door paired with a hinged door or open compartment. Designed for upper wood doors, the system includes integrated soft close.

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Finetta F-Flush53 50A (Salice Slider M50+)

Getting the right coplanar hardware for offices and retail applications shouldn’t be difficult. Especially since the Finetta F-Flush53 50A from Häfele was designed almost expressly for this purpose. The door hardware system can accommodate wood doors up to 110 lbs. (50 kg) in weight.

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Finetta F-Flush51 10A Base (Salice Slider S10 Base)

The Finetta F-Flush51 10A Base from Häfele is all about versatility. This dynamic coplanar system is ideal for small units used in the kitchen and bathroom or for larger furniture intended for the living room, bedroom and offices. Maximum weight per door is 22 lbs. (10 kg).

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Finetta F-Flush51 10A Upper (Salice Slider S10 Wall)

Matching upper cabinets isn’t just about a look. It’s about function too. That’s why Häfele offers the Finetta F-Flush51 10A Upper which can pair with the base version or be used as a standalone in kitchens, bathrooms, or larger furniture built into living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

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Finetta F-Flush52 20B Base (Salice Slider S20 Base)

Adding coplanar doors to many of your projects just makes sense. As the size of doors goes up, these fittings allow you smoothly and efficiently open cabinetry without sacrificing space or performance. The Finetta F-Flush52 20B Base system from Häfele is designed for medium-sized – up to 44 lbs. (20 kg) doors – used in kitchen, wall or office base cabinetry.

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Finetta F-Flush52 20A Upper (Salice Slider S20 Wall)

Wall-mounted coplanar doors are often an unexpected, stylish diversion from the norm. The Finetta F-Flush52 20A Upper hardware solution from Häfele allows you to smoothly and sleekly operate doors up to 44 lbs. (20 kg).

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Custom Pocketing Door hardware from Häfele features include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Assisted positive opening
  • Soft closing
  • Available accessories such as side panel connectors, front cover kit and magnetic kits

Finetta F-Park71 30A (Salice Exedra)

The Finetta F-Park71 30A door system from Häfele is the definition of smooth, fluid, uniform and noiseless movement in pocketing door hardware. This solution is ideal for kitchens; living rooms; media or library units; bedroom wardrobe units, office storage and beyond.

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Exedra2 Smart (Salice Exedra2 Smart)

Linking the motion and function of two linked, folding doors – especially those used to store practically anything large and in any space – is quite a feat. And the Exedra2 Smart from Häfele is exactly the hardware to do it. The doors can also be set up to operate independently, based on the needs of the project.

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Exedra2 Star (Salice Exedra2 Star)

The Exedra2 Star system from Häfele builds on the Exedra2 Smart by allowing for the same function and movement, but also entirely concealing the hardware. In some ways, this hardware is the closest we offer to magic in our cabinet door hardware offering.

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