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Additional Wall Reader, WT 100, Tag-itTM ISO

Dialock®,, Plastic, anthracite/silver colored

Additional Wall Reader, WT 100, Tag-it<sup>TM</sup> ISO
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Suitable for

For interior and exterior use
For controlling of parking gates, gates, all types of doors, furniture, lightings, alarms, and video surveillance


When an authorized key is presented, power is sent to the electric devices, such as electric strikes and gates
Control module: With integrated real-time clock for programming of time-limited locking rights
Logs and records all transactions Available with 4 relays for control of connected devices
With serial interface RS 232 for optional connections to online sets or to PCs for initial configurations
Reader: Transmitter and receiver for data exchange with Dialock Key
Transmits and receives through all non-metal materials
Illuminated LEDs red/green for optical indication of programming action and locking status
Infrared interface for communication with portable data transfer device


  • Connection cable between reader and control module is supplied by customer.
  • Cable type is RS485, PLTC/CM 22AWG, or CL3R C(UL) CMR 20 AWG.
  • Reader is mounted into reader socket.
  • Minimum clearance between 2 readers is 250 mm (9 13/16").
  • Wall terminals must be installed by a qualified electrician, in compliance with all governing codes.
  • Reader must be surface mounted if it is applied to a metal face of a control panel or similar application.
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Additional Wall Reader, WT 100, Tag-itTM ISO

Dialock®, Plastic, anthracite/silver colored

  • Wall reader with standard design


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