Aluminum Profile, for Surface Mounting

For Loox LED 2013/2015/2037/2039/3015/3028

  • Information zu den Streuscheiben

    Die mitgelieferten Streuscheiben sind überstehend und zum Eindrücken

    Das Material ist durchgefärbt. Es entsteht ein homogenes, flächiges Licht gleicher Intensität. Das Licht wirkt „weich“.

    Die Oberfläche ist mattiert. Das Licht wirkt „samtig-weiß“ und erzeugt eine edle, hochwertige Anmutung.

    Die Lichtpunkte sind sichtbar.

    Streuscheibe milchig

    Streuscheibe mattiert

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    833.72.861 PROF F/LED SURF AL AN 2.5M W/MILK LENS

    For Loox LED 2013/2015/2037/2039/3015/3028,, Cover: Milk

    833.72.862 PROF F/LED SURF AL AN 2.5M W/FROST LENS

    For Loox LED 2013/2015/2037/2039/3015/3028,, Cover: Frosted

    Product details


    Milk cover: The material contains pigment.

    - Creates a “diffused glow” surface-directed light with uniform intensity

    - The light appears “soft”

    Frosted cover: The surface is frosted

    -The light appears “velvet-white” and creates a sophisticated, high-quality impression


    (98 3/8") 2500 mm


    (3/4") 18.5 mm


    (1/2") 13 mm




    Silver colored anodized


    Surface mount with clips, tape or screws


    Shallow profiles are not suitable for operation with LED 3028

    Please note the dimensions of the clip connector

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    Aluminum Profile, for Surface Mounting

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    End Cap, for Surface Mount Extrusion

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    Aluminum Profile, for Surface Mounting

    For Loox LED 2013/2015/2037/2039/3015/3028,

    • Milk

    • Frosted

    • Information on diffusers

      Milky diffuser

      see key

      The material is integrally coloured. A homogeneous, surface light with even intensity is generated.The light appears "soft".

    • Frosted diffuser

      see key

      The surface is frosted. The light appears "velvety white" and generates a precious and significant impression.

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