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Cabinet Conector, Clamex P Medius

Cabinet Conector, Clamex P Medius
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For center panels


Lengthwise +1 mm


SW 4 hexagon drive

For wood thickness

From 12 mm

The three top reasons to use Clamex P-14 as a standard connector:1. Nearly invisible, secure connections2. Process advantages in production, transport and assembly3. One connector for all connection applications and angles

  • Quick and tool-less installation
  • Connector can be removed and retightened as necessary
  • The tensioning element makes high force transfer possible
  • Laterally adjustable
  • For corner, center panel and surface connections form 30° - 180°


Plastic, latch: Zinc alloy


Lengthwise and system grooves required. The Lamello Zeta P-2 biscuit joiner and HM biscuit joiner are required for installation. The profile groove can be milled with the HM biscuit joiner with a CNC machine for series manufacturing.


Join wood using Zeta P2 power tool: depth setting 14

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Cabinet Conector, Clamex P Medius


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